40 Baby Names Inspired By Spring

Spring is a time for new beginnings, rebirth, awakening, and of course, lovely plant life in bloom.

As such, there are plenty of baby names to choose from when it comes to this season, and I had a lot of fun compiling them for a little round-up.

  • 40 Baby Names Inspired By Spring

    40 Baby Names Inspired By Spring

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  • Anemone


    A truly delicate and lovely flower and an uncommon name for a little girl.

  • Apple


    The apple blossoms are blooming in the spring, so why not pay them a bit of an homage?

  • April


    This name isn’t used very often anymore, but I rather like it and if you had an April baby, why not?

  • Attwell


    English for “lives by the spring”, but even without the meaning I LOVE the sound of this name. Such a unique name, but totally classic at the same time.

  • Aurora


    Latin for “new dawn”…a fresh start.

  • Aviv


    This Hebrew name literally means “spring”, straight to the point.

  • Azalea


    Another less often seen floral name for a girl.

  • Birdie


    The birds in spring are warbling in their full glory, which makes this adorable name perfect for a springtime babe.

  • Bloom


    In the same vein as the name “Blossom”, but I’m a bit more partial to Bloom as it feels a little more fresh than Blossom.

  • Blossom


    Spring is a time when all lovely things are blossoming, so this name is just right.

  • Bluebell


    A very sweet name for a little lady – may be a bit too cutesy for a first name, but would be great as a middle name.

  • Bradwell


    While the name Brad may be passe at the moment, the name Bradwell feels fresh and new. It is English and means “from the broad spring”.

  • Brooke


    Babbling brooks just make me think of spring, but I like the spelling with an added “e” much better. I think this name, while often considered to be a “girl’s name” is actually a lot more unexpected and unique as a boy’s name.

  • Claire


    Claire is a feminine, but not overly frilly, French name meaning “bright and clear” which I think has an appropriate spring feel to it.

  • Dahlia


    Many of the flower names often used are “cute”, but this name has a bit more sophistication to it which means it would grow with a child more easily.

  • Daisy


    Such a cute name for a little girl.

  • Dawn


    Dawn signifies a new beginning, a new day and the sentiment is perfect for spring.

  • Denver


    Yes, this is the name of a place, but it also means “green valley”. I think this would be a more unique alternative than some of the other place names that people lean towards (i.e. Paris, London, etc…).

  • Florence


    A Latin name which means “blooming” – such a sweet name and meaning.

  • Fontanne


    I’m absolutely smitten with this French name that means “fountain or spring”. It makes me wish I was having a spring baby to name!

  • Iris


    I’m a sucker for the flower names…what can I say?

  • Keby


    Gaelic for “place by the fountain or spring” and a truly unique name for a boy or a girl.

  • Laverna


    This French name means “born in the spring” – all you parents with spring due dates may want to keep this one in mind.

  • Leif


    The leaves are blooming in spring, which makes this name work, although I prefer the Scandinavian spelling of “Leif” instead of “Leaf”. A wonderful strong name for a little boy.

  • Lily


    An English flower name and a symbol of purity and innocence.

  • Magnolia


    Quite simply the name of a flower, and a lovely one at that.

  • March


    For a baby born in March this name would be quite fitting and I actually prefer it as a middle name, but it would work well for either.

  • Margeurite


    This name is a type of daisy and actually mean “daisy”. Ever so perfectly spring. I wanted to use this as a middle name for our daughter, but my husband wouldn’t go for it. If you’re looking for a three-syllable girl’s name, this one could be a winner.

  • Mae


    While you could go with the spelling “May” for the obvious reason that is one of the spring months, when it is spelled “Mae” it is a French name meaning “goddess of spring growth”.

  • Maxwell


    This Scottish name meaning “Magnus’ spring” is a great option for a unique name that isn’t altogether obscure.

  • Peony


    One of my most favorite flowers, so I may be a bit partial, but I think this name is quite perfect. It was on my list of favorites when I was pregnant.

  • Petunia


    One of the lesser used flower names, could be a a lovely name for a little lady.

  • Poppy


    A lovely and cheerful flower as well as a cute baby name.

  • Primrose


    A more unique option than Rose with a feminine feel. This name has gained some popularity ever since the book/movie “The Hunger Games” came out – Primrose was the name of one of the book’s characters.

  • Rain


    You know what they say…”April showers bring May flowers!”

  • Robin


    This name could be sweet for a boy or a girl, but I kind of prefer it as a boy’s name.

  • Rose


    This is my middle name – a classic flower if you’re not looking to get too crazy.

  • Spring


    The very epitome of a spring-inspired baby name obviously. My daughter was born in January and her middle name is Winter, so I happen to think Spring would be a lovely middle name for a baby born during the spring months.

  • Sunny


    The sun finally shows its face in the spring which makes this name spot on. It has a happy, cheerful ring for a child with a happy, cheerful countenance.

  • Violet


    A lovely, little, purple flower or a lovely, little girl’s name.

  • Weldon


    An English name meaning “hill near a spring” – reminiscent of Wesley or William, but you’re little guy will be far less likely to run into anyone else with his name if you were to choose this moniker.

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