40 Baby Names Inspired by Disney Junior

If you are in search for a baby name the Disney classics aren’t the only place to look. The Disney Junior family is filled with members boasting adorable and clever and even timeless names. If you’ve already got a little one you will most likely recognize some of these characters loved by toddlers around the world. Some of the names date back to Playhouse Disney days while others are some of the newest shows to join the Disney Junior family. If you like the names chances are you’ll love the shows (if you haven’t already seen them!). Take a look at a few baby names from Disney Junior shows. If you don’t see one of your favorites here, please be sure to share it in the comments!

  • 40 Baby Names Inspired by Disney Junior

    40 Baby Names Inspired by Disney Junior

    40 fun baby name ideas inspired by Disney Junior!

  • The Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a show for preschoolers that incorporates early math and problem solving. Each show Mickey leads viewers on an interactive adventure!

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  • Donald


    Donald is one of Mickey’s friends. The name means “ruler of all.”

  • Daisy


    Daisy is Minnie’s friend. Her name is considered a flower name.

  • The Show: Jake and the Never Land Pirates

    Jake and the Never Land Pirates follows Jake and his friends as they go on a treasure hunt adventure. The show invites viewers to problem solve, engage in physical activity and use teamwork!

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  • Jake


    Jake is the leader of the Never Land Pirates. Jake is often used as an abbreviation of Jacob.

  • Izzy


    One of the pirates in the group, Izzy always has pixie dust on hand in case there’s an emergency. Izzy is said to be a form of Isaac, Isidore, or Israel. Although quite cute on its own Izzy is sometimes used as a nickname for Isabelle.

  • The Show: Doc McStuffins

    Doc McStuffins is about a little girl who is able to communicate with her toy friends and helps them when they aren’t well. Her show also teaches viewers about taking care of themselves.

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  • Dottie


    Dottie is Doc McStuffins’ name. Dottie mans “gift from God” and is sometimes used as a short form of the name Dorothy.

  • Donny


    Donny is Doc’s little brother.

  • Hallie


    Hallie is not only a hippo but she’s a nurse and Doc’s assistant. The name is a “variant of Halley and Hayley.”

  • Emmie


    Doc’s neighbor and friend.

  • Alma


    Alma is Emmie’s little sister. Alma means good.

  • Luca


    Luca is Donny’s best friend. The name means light giving.

  • Rudy


    Emmie and Alma’s dog. Rudy means famous wolf. (Doc has helped a ton of toys! Many of them offer baby name inspiration!).

  • The Show: Sofia the First

    Sofia the First is about a a young girl who becomes a princess after her mother marries a king. Oftentimes Disney princesses past appear on the show to help Sofia navigate various challenges.

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  • Sofia


    Sofia is a princess and the main character of the show. Sofia means wisdom.

  • Amber


    Princess Amber is Sofia’s stepsister. Amber is a jewel.

  • James


    Prince James is Sofia’s stepbrother. James means supplanter.

  • Oona


    A mermaid Sofia became friends with while living on the floating palace. Oona spelled O-n-a means graceful.

  • Cora


    Oona’s big sister, Cora means “from the coral of the sea.”

  • Roland


    King Roland II is Sophia’s stepfather.

  • Miranda


    Queen Miranda is Sophia’s mother.

  • The Show: Handy Manny

    Handy Manny is about a repair man who likes helping the people in his community fix things. With the help of his talking tools Manny can fix anything. The show also incorporates Spanish.

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  • Manuel


    Manuel is Manny’s name. He’s a handy man and the main character of the show. A form of Emmanuel, this name means “God is with us.”

  • Kelly


    Kelly owns the hardware store where Manny shops. Kelly means warrior or bright minded.

  • Turner


    Turner is Manny’s talking flat-head screwdriver. Turner means to pull.

  • Felipe


    Felipe is Manny’s talking phillips screwdriver.

  • The Show: Charlie and Lola

    Charlie and Lola is about a big brother and his life with his sometimes “stubborn” sister Lola.

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  • Charlie


    Charlie is a big brother.

  • Lola


    Lola is Charlie’s little sister. In the Spanish language Lola is short for the name Dolores.

  • Lotta


    Lotta is Lola’s best friend.

  • The Show: Gaspard and Lisa

    Gaspard and Lisa is about the adventures of two puppies who live in Paris and happen to be best friends.

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  • Gaspard


    Gaspard is a puppy living in Paris. This name is said to be the French form of Caspar.

  • Lisa


    Lisa is also a puppy in Paris. She is Gaspard’s best friend. The name means “devoted to God.”

  • Victoria


    Victoria is Lisa’s big sister. Victoria is considered a royal name.

  • Lila


    Lila is Lisa’s baby sister. In the Persian language this name means dark-haired beauty.

  • The Show: Stanley

    The Show: Stanley

    Stanley is a little boy who loves animals and solving problems. He and his pets often resort to his special book to solve them.

  • Stanley


    Stanley is an animal lover. This name means “from near the stony meadow.”

  • Dennis


    Dennis is Stanley’s gold fish. Dennis means follower of Dionysius, a greek god.

  • Lionel


    Stanely’s big brother, the name means cousin of Lancelot.

  • The Show: Little Einsteins

    The Little Einsteins love to go on adventures where they learn about nature, various cultures and the arts. Each episode begins with a mission and a “journey of discovery.”

  • Leo


    Leo is the leader of the group and likes conducting with his baton. Leo means lion.

  • June


    June loves to dance. June is a month on the calendar as well as an ode to the Roman goddess Juno.

  • Quincy


    Quincy loves to play music.

  • Annie


    Annie is Leo’s little sister. She loves singing. The name Annie means prayer.

  • The Show: Henry Hugglemonster

    The Show: Henry Hugglemonster

    A newer show on the DIsney Junior lineup, Henry Hugglemonster is a show that proves that not all monsters are scary.

  • Henry


    Henry is the main character of the show. The name means “ruler of the household.”

  • Ivor


    Henry’s younger brother. Ivor is a Scandinavian name that means archer.

  • Summer


    Summer is Henry’s sister. Summer is one of the four seasons.


Name meanings via Babyzone. Disney Junior show information via Disney and personal observations.

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