40 Baby Names Inspired By Cities Around The World

Our middle child is named Sydney.  Not necessarily after the city in Australia, although he does consider himself quite famous knowing that an entire city shares the same name as he.  While we named our son after an Uncle, it is neat to know that we could travel half way around the world and find a place with a name so familiar to us.  It got me thinking about all the city inspired baby names, and so I searched to see just how many names have been inspired by cities, and it turns out there’s quite a lot.  Here’s 40 of my favorite city inspired baby names I found.

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  • Alexandria


    The most famous Alexandria in the US is Alexandria, Virginia, the name peaked in popularity in the early 2000’s, and has now been in the top 500-600 in US name popularity. Common nickname is Alex.

  • Aspen


    Aspen, Colorado is a popular tourist destination, made famous by its world class ski resorts. The name has seen a rise in popularity in the last few years, peaking at #519 in 2011.

  • Austin


    Austin, Texas, is known for being one of the most diverse and artistically eclectic cities in Texas. The name has grown quite popular for boys, peaking at #48 in 2007 and #60 in 2011.

  • Bethany


    Bethany is most well known for being a city in Israel, but did you know there’s also a Bethany in Delaware?

  • Bronx


    Named after one of the boroughs in New York, it’s become a popular hipster name for boys, with Bronx Wentz, son of rock and roller Pete Wentz, the most well known boy to carry the name.

  • Brooklyn


    Another city in New York, Brooklyn has become a popular baby name for both boys and girls, coming in at an astounding #21 in popularity for 2011.

  • Camden


    Nearly breaking into the top 50 in 2011, there are several Camden towns and cities across the world, including a quaint seaside town in Maine. Nick and Vanessa Lachey recently chose this name for their son in fact.

  • Carmel


    Best known as the beautiful seaside and quaint town in Northern California, it is of Hebrew origin and means garden or fruit field.

  • Carson


    A hugely popular boy and girl name, there are several towns and cities named Carson, but I know Carson Nevada the best. It was in the top 100 for baby names the past 6 years running.

  • Chandler


    Chandler, Arizona is probably the most well known Chandler in the US, the name has consistently been in the top 500 of names in the US for the last 6 years.

  • Charlotte


    The town in North Carolina has seen a huge spike in popularity in the last 10 years, and peaked at #27 in 2011.

  • Chelsea


    Both a neighborhood in Manhattan and London, one of the most famous Chelsea namesakes has to be Chelsea Clinton, First Daughter. The name has been in the top 200 for popularity for the last 6 years, consistently.

  • Cleveland


    Ohio is home to the city of Cleveland, and is an Old English name, meaning land near the hill.

  • Cody


    Cody, the town in Wyoming, is also the namesake of several celebrity sons, including Robin Williams and Kathy Gifford, and has ranked in the top 200 for name popularity the last several years running.

  • Devon


    Devon is an old English name, and literally means, from Devonshire, a town in England.

  • Diego


    Diego, as in San Diego, California, has consistently been in the top 100 for popular boys names the past 5 years, and eeked in at 99 for 2011.

  • Eugene


    Eugene is one of the old fashioned names that may have lost a bit of popularity in modern times, but is still a classic choice, and stays stead in the top 900 for popular boys names year after year.

  • Florence


    A classic women’s name, with a romantic and historic background when you consider the city of Florence, Italy, it is on the rise for baby names in 2013.

  • Hamilton


    There’s literally hundreds of towns named Hamilton in the US alone, and the name has seen a bit of a resurgence in popularity for boys in recent years. Bermuda’s capital is named Hamilton.

  • Helena


    Helena is a picturesque town in Montana, and also a rising baby name for 2013, peaking in at just under #300 for the year so far.

  • Hope


    Hope is a city in Arkansas, and also a lovely woman’s name that is consistently in the top 200 in name popularity year after year.

  • Hudson


    An Old English name meaning Son of Hud, Hudson is a town in New York, and also the name of one of the most well known rivers in the US.

  • Jackson


    Jackson is a town in Florida, and also one of the most popular US baby names this year, coming in at #6 for 2013 so far, and finishing off at #9 in 2012.

  • Kensington


    Kensington has seen a rise in popularity as both a boy and girl name in recent years and is most well known as a town in London, along with the Royal Kensington Gardens.

  • Lincoln


    There are several towns and cities named Lincoln, and as of 2013, there will be a lot more babies named Lincoln as well, coming in the top 100 for popular baby names.

  • London


    The famous city of England is becoming a popular choice for baby names as well, topping in at #94 for 2011.

  • Lourdes


    The small town in the South of France was made well known when the pop star Madonna named her daughter Lourdes in 1996.

  • Madison


    The most well known Madison in the US would be Madison, Wisconsin, and the name saw a huge spike in popularity in recent years, topping off at the eighth most popular name in the US in 2011!

  • Paris


    While it may be known as the most romantic city in the world, Paris, France, the name Paris still hasn’t caught on huge for name popularity, staying in the top 500 the last few years running.

  • Phoenix


    The town in the desert, Phoenix, Arizona, is most well known for its dry heat and miles of cacti, but the name was made somewhat popular by the actor brothers River and Joaquin.

  • Regina


    Regina, a city in Canada, is a lovely and classic girl’s name, with the common nickname Gina.

  • Savannah


    Savannah, Georgia, one of the loveliest places in the South, has also become a popular and lovely girl’s name in recent years, landing in the top 50 most popular names for the last 6 years!

  • Selma


    Selma is a city in Alabama, and is a Scandinavian name meaning divinely protected.

  • Sydney


    The name of my son, and the name of one of the most well-known and largest cities in the world, Sydney Australia, it has become a very popular unisex name in recent years, landing in the top 100 category the last few years.

  • Troy


    Troy, a town in New York, is French name actually meaning name place, and has been in the top 250 of most popular names in the US for the last 5 years.

  • Verona


    Verona of Italy may not be one of the most traditional or popular names in the US, but it definitely is unique and has a very romantic Shakespearean quality to it.

  • Victoria


    Towns of Victoria are in both Australia and Canada, and is actually my middle name! It’s become a very popular name choice for girls the past few years, and is coming in at #37 for 2013.

  • Wyatt


    Wyatt of Indiana is a classic boy’s name and is of French and Old English heritage and means little warrior.

  • Zambi


    A country in Southern Africa, it’s a lovely girls name.

  • Zaria


    Zaria is a city in Nigeria and rounds out my list of top 40 baby names inspired by towns and cities! Isn’t it a pretty name?

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