40 Baby Names Inspired by Easter

Whether you intentionally choose a name for its meaning, or just choose a name you like first, picking out baby names is one of the most fun, challenging, and exciting things you can do as a new parent-to-be.

For both of our first two children, we chose the names months in advance, and with our third, we just couldn’t decide. In fact, Hayden was “Baby Boy H” for the first 36 hours of his life!

In the spirit of the holiday, I compiled a list of baby names inspired by Easter.  Including both spiritual and seasonal names, the list contains 40 names — both common and uncommon!

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  • Agnes


    A rather uncommon name, Agnes derives from the Greek name Hagne, meaning holy or pure.

  • Andrew


    Meaning manly and strong, Andrew is often thought of as an Easter inspired name because he was an apostle.

  • Angel


    Spiritual messenger, Angel is easily an Easter inspired name because of the many references to angels in the story of Easter.

  • Asher


    Of Hebrew origin, Asher means blessed, fortunate and/or happy. Asher is actually the name of one of my nephew’s as well, so it was interesting to learn the meaning of his name.

  • Attwell


    Meaning, “lives by the spring”, Attwell is an English name and is often associated with Easter names because of the cleansing and renewing properties of spring water.

  • Avril


    I think of the popular singer when I hear Avril, and now I know that it is of French origin and translates directly into April, the most common month that Easter lands in.

  • Bethany


    Of Hebrew origin, Bethany is usually thought of as a spiritual name and was the town close to where Jesus ascended to heaven.

  • Blossom


    Reminiscent of Spring and all the lovely flowers that blossom during the season of Easter.

  • Bunny


    While not as common of a name anymore, I knew a couple of girls named Bunny growing up, and it’s relation to Easter and the Easter bunny is quite obvious.

  • Caldwell


    Generally used as a boy’s name, Caldwell is of English origin and translates into “cold spring”.

  • Candy


    Candy or any form of the name including Candace is often associated with Easter because of the baskets of Easter candy that the bunny rabbit hides on Easter morning.

  • Cruz


    Cruz is of Spanish origin and literally translates into “cross”.

  • Elijah


    Of Hebrew origin, Elijah literally translates into “the Lord is my God”.

  • Evangeline


    Of both Greek and English origin, the name translates into “good news”.

  • Hunter


  • Hyacinth


    Hyacinth is of Greek origin and is actually considered a gender neutral name, and is often associated with Easter because of it is a common flower in bloom during Spring.

  • James


    Often considered a spiritual name, James is known as being an apostle.

  • Jesus


    Jesus is most commonly used as a man’s name, and is quite common in Latin American cultures.

  • Joanna


    The feminine name of John, Joanna has roots and is quite common in several cultures and countries including America and France. It is translated as gift from God.

  • John


    John is the masculine of Joanna and is quite commonly referred to as a name associated with Easter because of the apostle John.

  • Joseph


  • Lavernia


    Lavernia is of French origin, and while not commonly used in America, it means “spring like” or “alder tree grove” depending on the language you use to decipher meaning.

  • Lily


    A feminine name, Lily is the most common flower used and associated with Easter.

  • Magdalene


    A Bible name often used for boy’s and meaning “from Magdala”, it can also be a lovely girl’s name.

  • Mary


  • Matthew


  • Matthias


    A very unique and strong name, Matthias is often associated with Easter as a spiritual name because of the apostle Matthias.

  • Octavia


    The feminine of Octavian, Octavia is of Latin origin and is actually one of my niece’s name and means “eight”, and was often used as the name of your eighth child.

  • Octavian


    The masculine of Octavia, it also means eighth. In reference to Easter, the week after Easter is commonly known as the second octave, where a feast is had 8 days after Easter.

  • Owen


    Meaning “lamb”, Owen is associated with Easter because of the common use of lambs and bunnies in depictions of Easter.

  • Pascal


    Pascal is of French origin, and literally means “child of Easter.”

  • Peter


    A commonly used boy’s name in America, England and France, Peter is associated with Easter because of the apostle Peter and Peter Rabbit.

  • Philip


    Of Greek and English origins, Peter literally means “lover of horses”

  • Pink


    In reference to one of the most commonly used pastel colors associated with Easter, Pink is a feminine name that means “healthy”.

  • Simon


    Of Hebrew origin, it is often considered a spiritual Easter name because of the apostle Simon.

  • Springer


    Both a German and Yiddish name, in Germany Springer translates to “one who came from Sprenge”, but is often associated with Easter because of the season Spring.

  • Sunday


    A boy or girl’s name, Sunday is more commonly used as a girl’s name in America and is associated with Easter because of its regular occurrence on Sunday.

  • Tazia


    Often considered an Italian girl’s name, it is a form of the name Anastasia and means “one who will be reborn”.

  • Thomas


    Thomas is of Greek origin and literally translates into “twin”. A common boy’s name, it is sometimes associated with Easter because of the apostle Thomas.

  • Willow


    Of English origin, it means “willow tree” and is sometimes associated with Easter because in some parts of Eastern Europe, pussy willows replace palm leaves on Easter Sunday.

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