6 Things I’ve Learned from Having a Son

After having four girls — this little boy named Grayson was oh-so-different. I never realized how different boys are after having girls, but they are — in the most wonderful way possible. It’s a different kind of love and the tightest snuggles from my mommas’s boy. But most of all, he has taught me more about being a mom to a boy. And I’ve learned so many things along the way.

1. You’ll quickly learn that one bath a day just might not do it. No matter what, boys seem to always get dirty.


2. They just don’t stop, ever. Grayson has more energy then any of my girls every did. And I love him for the ball of fire and love he is, everyday. Always with a smile, even when he is running full speed ahead.

3. My girls even as infants had a little of that princess status shine through. Grayson is carefree. He is taught me that is okay to just go with the flow and if your loud – it’s only because you are really happy no matter who is around you.

4. You’ll soon know that he will make everything a toy. From a stick at that park to the pots and pans in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter how many toys you put in front of him. Boys will be found under something, climbing on something and looking for the next best “toy” within your kitchen.

5. While I never realized it would be so much fun to dress my little man — it’s been the best task! I have so much fun dressing Grayson up and finding fun ways to make my little boy look adorable!

6. At first I was so nervous about the bumps and bruises Grayson seemed to encounter everyday. But I’ve come to learn apparently it’s part of being a boy.


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