4 Reasons I Love My Babies’ Stuffed Lovies

I don’t remember having anything I slept with as a child (although I distinctly remember that both of my younger brothers had blankets they loved).

When I had children of my own, I didn’t give much thought to whether or not they would have something special to snuggle with when they went to bed.

And yet now both of my girls have a beloved thing they love to have at bedtime (my older daughter favors one of these plush blanket dolls, while my younger daughter sleeps with a little stuffed dog).

And I love that they have them! Here are four reasons I think they are a lifesaver.

Plush Dog

  1. Both of my girls were pacifier lovers, and when we got rid of my older daughter’s, she really latched on even more strongly to her “lambie” as something to give her comfort while she fell asleep. It really helped the transition out of pacifier use.
  2. When we are traveling, having something familiar gives my girls a lot of comfort at bedtime, even if they are in a strange bed in new surroundings.
  3. If we’re on a long road or stroller trip, it really calms them down if they start to get restless or tired. Because they are both small and light, I can easily toss them in my purse to bring along for emergencies!
  4. There’s just nothing cuter than a little one snuggling a beloved toy. I die every time.
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