4 Reasons Babies Are So Charming

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and for giving me the Kermit bodysuit, THE LION KING Premier Pounce & Play, and Simba’s King-Sized Play Gym for free.

Not all babies are alike — some are shy, some are colicky, some aren’t as affectionate as others — but there are a lot of charming babies out there.

You know the type; in fact, you can spot them from across the room. They’re the ones with a flock of adults being drawn toward their radiating happiness like human magnets. They turn heads, provoke friendly waves, and make even the grumpiest men crack smiles.

Which is why this Lil’ Charmer bodysuit is so appropriate…

  • Lil' Charmer

    Lil' Charmer

    Benjamin’s new Disney Baby bodysuit is certainly a spot-on description of his personality. He’s a charmer, through and through, which is evident in four very specific ways…

  • Their Attachment

    Their Attachment

    They can barely hold their heads up without toppling over, they struggle to roll from one side of their body to the other, and their communication skills are still in the grunting phase. And yet when they lock eyes with you and recognize your face — smiling, flailing their legs, reaching out their arms — they make you feel like the most important person in the world.

    And that’s when they have you wrapped around their finger.

  • They Have No Shame

    They Have No Shame

    There’s no social norms or political correctness with infants. If it’s shiny? They’re grabbing it. If it’s a reachable object? They’re mouthing it. You know exactly what you’re gonna get with them.

  • They're an Easy Crowd

    They're an Easy Crowd

    A blinking light, a cool breeze, a shiny object — they’re all fascinating. A high-pitched sing-song voice is soothing. The sound of paper ripping is belly-laugh hilarious. It doesn’t take much to amuse a baby — especially a happy baby like Benjamin — which is always undeniably charming.

  • That Smile

    That Smile

    Sometimes he’ll make you work for it, but seeing that wide smile spread across a suddenly brightened face? Ooph; worth it every time. Babies have this infectious happiness that seeps into the people around them, as well as feeds off the surrounding smiles and happy voices. So it’s like this circular loop of happiness that attracts family and strangers alike.

  • What About You?

    What About You?

    What makes your baby so darn charming?

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