4 Precious Baby Items I’ll Never Be Able to Get Rid Of

I’m a mom who craves simplicity and an organized home. I love getting good use out of all our baby products through the years—and of course, nothing makes me happier than seeing my children love and enjoy their toys.

But can I admit that I totally plan on stealing back a few of my kids’ baby items someday? When they are grown and gone, I know that I want to hold on to a few items from their babyhoods that will always remain precious to me. (And can’t exactly fit in the baby book.)

1. Their first outfit. Most of my children have shared clothes, of course, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta sometimes, right? But there are a few outfits that represent each child’s babyhood to me—and those outfits I want to keep forever. If not for their sake to pass down someday, for my sake to have when my kids are old and grown. I’ll never forget our first official “outing” with my daughter–she wore a Winnie the Pooh outfit and I was practically bursting with pride to be her mom.

One look at my daughter’s first little swimsuit takes me back to that first summer we shared together or my son’s favorite pair of pajamas instantly evokes late-night snuggling. There’s just something so special that seeing those outfits brings up to me. Those memories are just too precious to ever get rid of.


2. Their first baby shoes. I have a slight obsession with baby shoes. I mean, the baby’s not walking yet, right? But still, they are so adorable and there’s just something so sweet about a little pair of baby shoes to take me back to that time when I would kiss on those little toes. It will be so weird someday to look at my grown child and have that visible reminder that they were once that little. I have a special pair of baby shoes for each of my children, from my son’s favorite pair of work boots to my daughter’s first pair of sneakers.

3. A special blanket. We have a special Winnie the Pooh blanket in particular that I associate with my babies. (That’s my daughter snuggling with it in the picture!) They all loved it so much and every time I see it, it brings me back to the soft feel of holding them all wrapped up in it. In fact, I snuggled my littlest daughter in this very blanket this afternoon while she ran a fever from an ear infection. (Horrible that she’s miserable, but I confess I do soak up the snuggles whenever I can–I’m not the only one, right?)

4. Their rocking chair. I never want to get rid of the furniture in my babies’ rooms, especially the rocking chair where I have spent so many nights rocking babies to sleep. And call me crazy, but when it came to outfit the nursery and my kids’ bedrooms, I wanted timeless pieces that they could use as they grew and even pass down someday. This dreamy collection is fit for a princess at any age.

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