4 Gift Ideas for Grandparents to Make them Smile

One of my top love languages is gifts. I LOVE them. Everything about them. I love receiving them, giving them, picking them out, wrapping them, watching people open them. One of my favorite things is taking the time to note ideas and pick out or make really thoughtful gifts for my family and friends.

Now that we have Soren it’s made gift giving, especially for the grandparents, so much fun. For those of you planning birthday or Christmas gifts for Grandma and Grandpa, here are a few ideas!


1. Make a Book – This year for my mom’s birthday I made a book documenting Soren’s first 6 months. My mother is a cancer survivor, and while I was pregnant with Soren, she underwent chemo treatments. She is now cancer-free and loving every minute of being a grandma. To celebrate this milestone, I added text throughout the book as if Soren wrote it to her, celebrating that she’s cancer-free and how much he loves her. There are so many sites that make it easy to put together gorgeous books and look professional and stunning.

2. Can’t Go Wrong with Photos – It’s easy to print out and frame a photo, but why not go the extra mile? Hire someone to take professional photos of the grandparents and grandchildren. What a beautiful moment to capture! After you get the photos, frame a few and make a collage! OR find your favorite and get it printed large as a statement piece for their home.

3. Artwork – Pick out colors and have your little ones finger paint a masterpiece! Have them use their handprints too! Once dry, frame the art so Grandma and Grandpa can get started on building their art gallery collection. ;)

4. Grandparent Date – I know one of the things my parents love is having new experiences with Soren and sharing in his joy. A great gift idea might be to buy tickets to something like the zoo, aquarium, or show so they can take their grandchildren on a grandparent date! How fun!

Can you believe we are nearing the beginning of Fall, and Halloween decorations are ALREADY making an appearance?! I guess it’s not to early to put some of these ideas in your back pocket for Christmastime!

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