38 Short and Sweet Baby Names

Sometimes all you need are two to three letters to spell out the perfect name for baby. Some short baby names derive from longer names, while others are unique and original. Easy to remember and spell, learning to write their name in preschool or kindergarten will be an easy task for your little one.

Take a look at these short and sweet baby names — all three letters or less!

1. Ada – Ada is a sweet name that means “noble.”

2. Bea – A form of Beatrice, Bea means “blessed; she who brings happiness.”

3. Ben – The name Ben means “son of.”

4. Bo – The name Bo means “to live.”

5. Cia – This name means “of the moon.”

6. Cy – A form of Cyrus, Cy means “sun” and “throne.”

7. Dax – Dax is considered a place name.

8. Dee – Often used as a nickname, Dee can be used as a name for either a boy or a girl.

9. Eva – Eva means “life.”

10. Fay – This name means “fairy.”

11. Fox – An animal name.

12. Gus – A “diminutive” of multiple names, Gus means “one strength.”

13. Hal – Stemming from Harold this name means “army ruler.”

14. Ida – A name that means “industrious one.”

15. Ivy – Ivy is the name of a plant.

16. Jax – An ode to Jaxon, the modern spelling of Jackson.


17. Joy – A feeling that also happens to make a short and sweet name option.

18. Kai – Kai means “sea.”

19. Kit – Kit is kin to the name Christopher.

20. Leo – The name Leo means “lion.”

21. Liv – The name Liv means “life.”

22. Max – Max means “greatest.”

23. Min – The name Min means “quick.”

24. Ned – Ned means “a wealthy garden.”

25. Nia – A name meaning “luster and brilliance.”

26. Oma – A unique name for those that love the letter O.

27. Pia – Pia means “from Mount Olympus.”

28. Rue – Rue is a nature name.

29. Sam – Sam is a classic name meaning “told by God.”

30. Tea – Depending on how you pronounce it, Tea is a beverage and potential name.

31. Tom – The name Tom means “twin.”

32. Uma – The name Uma means “nation.”

33. Van – This name means “of.”

34. Wyn – Wyn means “fair” or “blessed.”

35. Xia – A Chinese dynastic name.

36. Yul – Yul is Mongolian for “beyond the horizon.”

37. Zac – Zac means “the Lord has remembered.”

38. Zoe – Zoe means “life.”

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