34 “Little Old Man” Baby Names That Will Melt Your Heart


Old fashioned baby names are kind of a thing in my family. My daughters are Ingrid and Adair. I have nieces named Cora, Olive, Mary, Hilda, and Lucille. Some still find these old fashioned gems a little bit strange, but these names are actually on the rise! My husband and I hope to have more babies in the future, and I can’t help but brainstorm name possibilities. Of course, I love girly names like Margot and Winifred, but I L-O-V-E all of the options for little boys, too! Names like Gus and Oliver are so adorable.

What do you think? Are these old fashioned names just a little too bizarre for your liking, or do you find yourself loving these “little old man” names?

  1. Albert – Will your little one be the next Einstein? He can go by Al or Bert for short!
  2. Amos – Amos is a biblical name and means “carried by God.”
  3. Arlo – This name is of Spanish origin. Even though it’s old-fashioned, it has a modern feel to it!
  4. Arthur – Arthur is a Celtic name that means “bear.” Will your baby be a little Art or Artie?
  5. Bernard – Bernard is a German name that means “strong as a bear.”
  6. Calvin – Calvin is a Latin historical name. You might find it funny that it means “hairless” or “bald!”
  7. Charles – This name is an oldie but goodie! Charles (Charlie or Chuck) means “free man.”
  8. Chester – Chester is Latin and means “fortress.”
  9. Clarence – Clarence is Latin and means “bright.” (Can’t you picture a sweet little Clarence with dress shoes and a bow tie?!)
  10. Earl – Earl is an English name, with noble ties.
  11. Earnest – Earnest (also spelled Ernest) means “serious” or “resolute.”
  12. Felix – Felix is another old-fashioned name with a modern flair. It’s Latin and means “happy” or “fortunate.”
  13. Finley – Finley can be both a boy’s and girl’s name. It’s Scottish for “fair-haired hero.”
  14. Fletcher – Fletcher is an English name that means “arrow-maker.”
  15. Frank – Frank is a French name that means “free man.”
  16. George – George is an old Greek name that means “farmer.”
  17. Gus – Gus is Gaelic for “one strength.” (I always think of the chubby little mouse from Cinderella!)
  18. Harry – Harry comes from the name Henry and means “estate ruler.”
  19. Harvey – Harvey is French and means “battle worthy.” (Harvey Dent, anyone?)
  20. Henry – Henry is an old-fashioned German name. (Some parents choose Huck as a nickname for Henry!)
  21. Homer – Homer is Greek for “security.” (Are you into mythology or adventure? What a perfect name!)
  22. Julian – Julian is a variation of Julius and means “youthful.”
  23. Leonard – Leonard is an old German name that means “brave lion.” Shorten Leonard to Leo or Lenny!
  24. Louis – Louis dates back LONG ago and means “renowned warrior.”
  25. Max – Max is still a popular name, coming from Maximus or Maximillian. It means “the greatest.”
  26. Norman – Norman is an English name for “norseman.” Shorten it to Norm!
  27. Oliver – Oliver is becoming more and more popular. It’s Latin and means “olive tree.”
  28. Oscar – Oscar (despite its grouchy stereotype) means “champion warrior.”
  29. Otis – Otis is a German name that means “wealthy.” (Milo and Otis, anyone?)
  30. Percy – The name Percy comes from France. (The dog in Disney’s Pocahontas was named Percy!)
  31. Phinneas – Phinneas is a Hebrew name and means “oracle.”
  32. Ralph – Ralph (or Ralphie) means “wolf-counsel.”
  33. Theodore – Theodore (or Theo) is Greek and means “gift of God.”
  34. Wallace – Wallace is an English name that means “Welshman.”

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