35 Delightful Baby Names for Those Who Love Food

It’s no secret I love food. I love to read about it. I love to make it. Best of all, I love to EAT it. In fact, most of our family vacations are centered around food. (Nothing wrong with that!)

If you are a foodie who is expecting a baby, you will love these awesome baby names, all inspired by food!

  • Benedict


    I LOVE this boy’s name. It sounds like an author’s name! (Not to mention, eggs benedict are one of my favorites foods.)

  • Ginger


    Ginger is a lovely girl’s name that can easily be shortened to Gigi…

  • Plum


    A sweet old-fashioned girl’s name… Personally, I think this one would make a lovely middle name!

  • Kale


    Name your little one after those super-food leafy greens! This is a pretty hip boy’s name. (I know someone who has a Forest Kale – so it makes a great middle name, too!)

  • Olive


    This girl’s name has been on the rise in recent years! (My niece is named Olive!)

  • Kobe


    Whether you’re naming your son after your favorite basketball player, or your favorite type of beef, this name is sure to be a winner! :)

  • Clementine


    How sweet is this little girl’s name?! I think it’s the cutest – just like the fruit it comes from!

  • Graham


    This one is such a strong sounding boy’s name!

  • Apple


    Thanks to a few celebrities, this girl’s name isn’t so unusual anymore!

  • Reuben


    Wouldn’t this make such an adorable boy’s name? This is truly a biblical name, even though most people think of the sandwich when they hear it.

  • Brie


    Brie (Bri, Brianna, Breanna) has been a popular girl’s name for many years. This spelling can be a tribute to your favorite cheese!

  • Mac


    This sounds like an awesome name for a little boy. Even as a nickname, this one’s sure to remind you of your favorite mac & cheese or that burger from McDonalds!

  • Filbert


    Okay, so we might classify this as a “nerdy” baby name, but I think it’s pretty cute. You could even shorten it to Fil or Bert!

  • Sherry


    This girl’s name isn’t as popular as it used to be, but it’s still cute!

  • Cane


    Here’s another strong sounding boy’s name. I think this would make a great middle name. Robert Cane, Elijah Cane, Phillip Cane… I can hear it now! :)

  • Alfredo


    This name dates back centuries with different meanings in English, Italian, and Spanish. Your baby boy will forever remind you of your favorite pasta sauce!

  • Reese


    This gender-neutral name can be a lovely tribute to your favorite peanut butter and chocolate treat!

  • Angus


    This baby boy name sounds like a perfect name for someone who lives in the Wild West!

  • Huckleberry


    Huckleberry or Huck is one of my husband’s favorite boy names. Inspired by your favorite Mark Twain character or the plant itself, it’d make a great first or middle name…

  • Clove


    Unusual? Maybe. But definitely unique. This would make a great first or middle name for a baby girl or boy…

  • Ambrosia


    This girl’s name is Greek and means “food of the gods.”

  • Bartlette


    A boy’s name inspired by your favorite juicy pear…

  • Chip


    A simple and sweet boy’s name! (I always think of Chip from Beauty and the Beast!) But potato chips or chocolate chips are nice to think about, too! :)

  • Thyme


    Name your little one after this dainty herb…

  • Julienne


    Really, this is a cutting technique instead of a food. But it’s a neat boy’s name!

  • Colby


    This is a great gender-neutral name, perfect as a first or middle name for your baby!

  • Frank


    This traditional boy’s name will remind you of your favorite hot dogs!

  • Rosemary


    Here’s another old-fashioned baby girl’s name that is still so lovely…

  • Hash


    A super-unique but super-hip baby boy’s name…

  • Brandy


    This girl’s name was popular in the 80s and 90s but is less common today…

  • Sage


    Here’s another name that I think would make a cool middle name!

  • Blanche


    Yes, this is a cooking technique instead of a food. This girl’s name means “white or fair.”

  • Heath


    A boy’s name that sounds strong, yet rugged…

  • Patty


    This girl’s name is a bit old-fashioned, but still so sweet…

  • Saffron


    A gender-neutral name that means “yellow flower.”


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