32 Baby Names Inspired By St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day has always held a special place in my heart, since it’s my own mama’s birthday. I also think that if you were to have a baby in the month of March, a name inspired by the holiday would be a nice touch, so I came up with a list of some of my favorite St. Paddy’s Day inspired baby names. And no need to fret — there’s a ton of really unique baby name inspiration here, even if you aren’t having a March baby!

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  • 32 Baby Names Inspired By St. Patrick's Day

    32 Baby Names Inspired By St. Patrick's Day

    Perhaps a St. Patrick’s Day inspired name will provide your little one with a bit of the “luck o’ the Irish”? Click through to check them out!

  • Aidan


    The name Aidan is actually an Irish nickname that stems from the name Aodh who was the Celtic god of sun and appropriately, the name means: “little and fiery”.

  • Aislin


    This name is actually pronounced ASH-leen, much like the more common name in the U.S. Ashlyn. The spelling might get confusing, so you could always change it, but the meaning is lovely; it is the Gaelic word for “dream or vision”.

  • Ciaran


    Prounounce “Keer-awn” (often spelled Kieran in the U.S.), this name is a very popular one in Ireland and means “little black haired one”. If you think a black haired little one may be in your future this could be a sweet name.

  • Clover


    A reference to the four-leaf clover – attributed with good luck and a symbol of Ireland. I think this name is so sweet and it’s definitely on my short list of future baby names.

  • Colleen


    This sweet and simple name of Irish origin, means “girl”. I think it has a rather nice ring to it.

  • Connor


    This Irish name is very popular in its native Ireland and is the name of the king of Ulster in Irish mythology. It means “lover of hounds”, which could make it perfect if you are the dog-loving sort.

  • Darcy


    This Irish name means “from the fortress” and I love it because of it’s connotations with the beloved Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice fame.

  • Declan


    If you are a person of faith, this could be the perfect Irish name for your little one as it means “man of prayer”.

  • Donovan


    Donavan is an Irish surname, simply meaning dark. I think it’s a perfectly unique name for a little boy.

  • Dublin


    The capitol and most populated city in Ireland – a cool but definitely uncommon name. Could be a good alternative for people who are looking to give their little one a place for a name.

  • Emerald


    A green gemstone…what could be more perfectly St. Patrick’s Day inspired than that?

  • Finnegan


    Irish for “fair”, this name also has the option of being shortened to “Finn” which I love.

  • Gaelin


    Gaelin is a play off the word Gaelic (as in the Irish Gaelic language) and I think it would make for a charming and unique name for a boy OR a girl.

  • Greene


    The color of St. Patrick’s Day with a spelling that makes it a little more interesting. A less popular alternative for those considering color names (think: Grey, Indigo, etc…). I think this would make a good middle name personally.

  • Greenlee


    A variation of the name Greene, but slightly more feminine. You could also change the spelling to “Greenleigh” to make it even more fitting for a girl.

  • Irelynn


    A fresh spelling can make all the difference when it comes to names and I love the idea of using Ireland, but spelling it this way. So feminine and pretty.

  • Irish


    A nod to the people of Ireland and definitely an uncommon name.

  • Kelly


    An Irish name meaning “war”. A good unisex name, though I prefer it for a boy.

  • Liam


    I love the meaning behind this Irish nickname for William (Uilliam): “resolute protection”. A strong boy’s name indeed.

  • Luck


    A reminder of good fortune that is certainly the theme of St. Paddy’s Day. This could make a nice middle name if you’re not so keen on it as a first name.

  • Maeve


    The name of the Irish mythological queen of the fairies. A much more unique, but similar option to the name Mae.

  • Maewyn


    Pronounced “MAY-win”, this is the given name for St. Patrick and even though it was traditionally a boy’s name, I think the spelling lends itself to be quite lovely as a girl’s name.

  • Maire


    An Irish variation of the name Mary, pronounced “MAW-rah”.

  • March


    The month in which the holiday of St. Patrick’s Day occurs!

  • Molly


    While this isn’t actually a name of Irish origins, it has a distinctly Irish feel to it, if you’re not looking for something that is specifically Irish. I think it’s a cute name that hasn’t gotten much play in recent years. It would be nice to see it make a comeback.

  • Patrick


    A “Top 20 Name” in Ireland – this is it’s anglicized spelling, but if you wanted to be authentic, you could go with the Gaelic spelling “Padraig”, which means “noble” and I think makes it seem much more so.

  • Riley


    An Irish surname (O’Reilly) meaning “courageous”. Cute for a boy OR a girl.

  • Seamus


    This Irish variation of James is pronounce “SHAY-mus” and means “supplanter”. A more unique alternative to the name Sean.

  • Siobhan


    Pronounced “SHEH-vawn”, this is the Irish form of Jane and means “God is gracious”, a nice choice if you’re looking for a name with religious roots.

  • Teagan


    Irish for “little poet”. I’m kind of obsessed with this one.

  • Tierney


    This name of Irish origin means “descendant of a lord” and I think it’s a unique diamond in the rough so far as names go. This was on my list when I was pregnant.

  • Tristan


    The name of a legendary Celtic dragon slayer – what little boy wouldn’t want to have such cool connotations associated with their name?

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