30 Things That Are MORE FUN with Toddlers

I love babies, I do. I love the newborn stage. I wish it lasted an entire year or more. I love when babies begin to babble. I love the magic of the first year. I love it all. But I will say, the toddler stage is awesome too. Toddlers (minus their irrational behavior and demanding opinions) are so great. They have a love of life that is infectious! And let’s be honest – some stuff is just more fun with a toddler! 

  • Toddlers are FUN!

    Toddlers are FUN!

    Click through for 30 activities and outings that are MORE FUN with 1 and 2 year-olds!

  • Their wild curiosity!

    Their wild curiosity!

    I LOVE how fascinated toddlers are with EVERYTHING.

  • Playing dress up

    Playing dress up

    Toddlers love dress up! Here is my daughter, wearing her daddy’s shoes!

  • Finally being able to do their hair

    Finally being able to do their hair

    See that tiny ponytail? I promise, it’s there!

  • The zoo

    The zoo

    Yeah, we took our babies to the zoo. But toddlers? That’s when the fun happens. They LOVE the zoo!

  • Rides


    Toddlers can finally ride the rides! (Here’s me and my girl on the carousel!)

  • Holiday traditions

    Holiday traditions

    Waking up to Santa, the Easter egg hunt, enjoying fireworks on the 4th of July – these are all more fun with toddlers!

  • Splash park

    Splash park

    Splash parks are popping up all over the place. This is the PERFECT afternoon outing for little ones.

  • Learning to walk

    Learning to walk

    Is there anything cuter than a babe first learning to walk? I think not.

  • Swinging


    Toddlers have so much fun at the park!

  • Ice cream

    Ice cream

    Toddlers can finally enjoy some ice cream!

  • Art


    Although it can be a little messy, toddlers LOVE art. Painting, coloring, and molding are all fun activities.

  • First haircut

    First haircut

    Most little ones get their very first haircut as a toddler. Here’s my daughter with her new ‘do!

  • Festivals


    Festivals and fairs are so much more fun with a toddler in tow! (Turkey leg, anyone??)

  • The beach

    The beach

    Playing in the sand and splashing in the waves is so much fun with a little one!

  • Camping


    My girls LOVED camping as toddlers! Something about sleeping in a tent, I think. :)

  • Playing in the sprinkler

    Playing in the sprinkler

    Does it get more fun than this on a hot summer afternoon?

  • Parades


    Parades are so much fun with toddlers. From the festive floats to the marching bands, your little one will have a ball!

  • Adventuring!


    Toddlers love to explore! Whether hiking or throwing rocks in the creek, your little guy or gal will have a blast!

  • Visiting the berry patch

    Visiting the berry patch

    Toddlers have tiny hands, which means they are perfect for picking strawberries or blueberries! An adventure to a local berry patch can be a special outing for everyone…

  • Splashing in a puddle

    Splashing in a puddle

    One of the simplest and most joyous activities!

  • Biking


    Toddlers can finally fit in a bike trailer! A fun afternoon for everyone…

  • Popcorn


    Yep, little ones LOVE popcorn. A family movie night is so fun!

  • Feeding the fish

    Feeding the fish

    My little ones LOVE this so much.

  • Petting zoo

    Petting zoo

    The petting zoo is so much more fun with a toddler. Here’s my little one feeding the baby goats!

  • Swimming


    Toddlers quickly become little fish in the water!

  • Painted toes

    Painted toes

    Both of my girls got their toes painted for the first time right around 16 months old. Too cute!

  • Popsicles


    Yum! The perfect summer treat!

  • Riding a bike

    Riding a bike

    Riding their very first bike (or trike!) will always be a special memory…

  • Going on walks

    Going on walks

    Finally, no babies need to be carried and no strollers need to be pushed. :)

  • Playing with toys

    Playing with toys

    I love how interactive toddlers can be with their toys. Here’s my little tot and her first baby doll.

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