30 Strong One-Syllable Names for Boys

Before finding out I was pregnant with a little boy, I was never all that interested in boy’s names. My list of potential girl names was quite lengthy, but the boy names definitely made up a pretty short list. Since hunting for a boy’s name our own though, I’ve realized just how great little boy names can be and some of my favorites are those of the strong one-syllable persuasion (we even picked a name in this vein for our baby boy, which I announced here if you care to take a peek at our pick). I like that they’re short and sweet and good names for a little guy to grow into. Here’s a list of some of my favorites…

Abe – I know that Abe is technically a nickname for Abraham, but I think it’s fantastic as a stand-alone. I actually considered it for our little one, but I have a friend who also loves the name and I wouldn’t want to steal it.

Bear – I’m a sucker for animal/nature names and Bear fits the bill quite nicely.

Beau – A name of French origin, meaning “handsome”. LOVE!

Beck – This name offers a subtle nod to nature with its meaning: “One living beside a small stream”. This name just sounds cool and effortless.

Brooks – A variation on Brook. It’s still one-syllable, but the addition of the “s” gives it a more modern and unique feel.

Cade  – Many have heard of the name Caden, but there are definitely fewer Cades out there. I really like this one.

Cale  – Not to be confused with the vegetable Kale. It’s a diminutive of the name Caleb, but way more modern.

Case – An unconventional word name – definitely off the beaten path.

Cash – A shortened version of the name Cassius and possibly a nod to the king of cool: Johnny Cash.

Clark – This is a name we seriously considered. Clark was my the maiden name of my husband’s grandmother and I really like it. It’s classic and dapper and such a “man name”.

Cope  – I really liked the name Copeland for awhile and Cope would’ve been our nickname of choice. It’s pretty great on its own too though.


Cruz – A nice one-syllable option especially for those looking for a name with Spanish roots.

Duke – A great option for those who like Jack, but are looking for something a little more unique.

Finn – I loved this name for quite some time but it just never felt right for our little guy. I’m still a fan though.

Gibbs – I used this in a previous baby names post about last names as first names and I’ve really liked it ever since.

Huck – This name has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years and it’s both cute and strong at the same time.

Jack – The classic strong one-syllable name choice for boys.

James – You can’t go wrong with a classic choice like James.

Jones – Can you tell I’m a big fan of using last names as first names?

Jude – I really loved this name, but my husband said the “Hey Jude” jokes might get old.

Link – Short for Lincoln, but definitely cute on it’s own as well.

Max – This just sounds like a guy you’d want to be friends with!

Oakes – I’ve never met anyone named Oakes before, but I really think it’s a fantastic and unusual option – especially for someone looking for a nature inspired name.

Penn – A last name as a first and less common than some of the others. Penn is truly one of my favorites, but I could never sell my husband on it.

Rhett – With it’s old southern charm, this name is definitely swoon-worthy for a little man.

Smith – One of the more common last name options. Just sounds like the name of a cool kid, right?

Stone – A strong and steely option for a little boy.

Twain – If I wasn’t already using a one-syllable first name, I might consider this as a middle name. A nice nod to Mr. Mark Twain as well for lit fans.

West – I love place names, but this one is a little less obvious than Brooklyn or London. Plus, what little boy wouldn’t think it was cool to have a name synonymous with the wild west?

Wolf – A fantastic animal name if you’re on the hunt for one, but even if you’re not – this name is definitely becoming a little more mainstream as of late, but still definitely unique.

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