30 Biggest Signs That Your Baby is Now a Toddler

Recently, I came to terms with the fact that my baby had made the transition to being a toddler.

Although there are days when I find myself missing that newborn stage, I’ve come to love toddlerhood. It’s a fun stage. There’s much more learning and exploring and growth happening. Every day feels like an adventure, and every night I find myself kissing my sweet girl and thanking her for the love and light she has brought into our lives.

Here are just 30 things that I’ve found to be indicators that your baby isn’t a baby any longer:


1. They can ask you to nurse. “Nurse?” (Or for milk, water or whatever their beverage of choice is these days.)

2. They take care of their dolls as if the dolls were the baby.

3. They get upset when you say “no.”

4. Speaking of no, that is the answer to every question you ask them.

5. You are often trying to figure out what they’re saying, which often leads to you two playing the guessing game.

6. You have full-on conversations. (You may not know all of what they’re saying, but you love how animated they are while saying it).

7. You can’t find your phone, keys or debit card. (Did you check behind the couch?)

8. When you ask them to give something to you, they run or throw it — or run and throw it.

9. Hide and seek never gets old. Not for them, anyway.

10. Your little one cries when you leave — and may even insist on coming with you.

11. Baths are no longer optional. They’re mandatory, because toddlers play hard and make major messes.

12. They’ve turned into quite the comedian.

13. Story time: You read and they’ll turn the pages.

14. Furniture is for walking, standing, and climbing, but not for sitting.

15. Make-believe has arrived – pretend eating, pretend driving, pretend everything.

16. They crave independence — they want to put on their own shoes, feed themselves, and brush their own teeth.

17. The sound of tiny feet running is a familiar sound. So is you shouting, “Walking feet!”

18. Words are for repeating — which means you’re even more careful about what you say.

19. They can tell you that they went “potty” or “poo poo.”

20. They want what you have, even if they have the exact same thing.

21. If they are holding it, they are likely to try and eat it (or already have).

22. They’ve become a tiny gymnast. My little one loves making bridges and mountains.

23. There’s been a vocabulary explosion. So many words… and they all sound so cute coming from a toddler.

24. They become bashful when meeting new people and may not say hello… but will almost always wave “bye bye.”

25. They are on their way to becoming quite the escape artist. (Perhaps your little one is attempting to climb out of their crib or playpen or maybe they’ve already mastered that).

26. Noses and belly buttons are hangout spots for their pudgy fingers.

27. You are often pleading with them reminding them to use “gentle touches.”

28. “Uh oh.”

29. You have a legitimate need for BandAids.

30. Requests for kisses and hugs are almost always obliged. Aren’t toddler hugs and kisses the sweetest?!

What did I leave out? Any other behaviors or traits that seem to be synonymous with toddlerhood?

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