30 More Baby Names That Aren’t Really Names

If there’s one thing I love, it’s word names! Names like Verity and Lark and West just really appeal to me. Awhile back I did a blog post featuring 30 Great Baby Names That Aren’t Really Names and ever since I’ve been finding more, so I thought it was time for an addendum including some more that I really like. I realize that using a word as a name might seem a little odd to some people, but even if you’re a little less adventurous, a word name could make a great option for a middle name! Check them out and tell me what you think! Would you be brave enough to use any of these?

Rogue – I’ll admit that the word rogue doesn’t have the greatest connotations, but I still think it’s pretty cool for a kid’s name.

Bell – Doesn’t this have a nice “ring” to it for a little one? Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

Birch – With a daughter named after a plant, I obviously have an affinity for nature names and I like that Birch is a more uncommon option.

Fife“A small shrill flute…” which is actually quite similar to a baby’s cry, so this one could be very appropriate.

Bay – I kind of love the name Bay and perhaps naming a child after a calm body of water would rub off an thus create self-fulfilling prophecy for a little one with a calm temperament.

Answer – I know this is a bit out there, but it’s definitely not a name people would forget!

Navy – Color names are all the rage and there are plenty of Violets and Greys out there, but definitely far fewer Navys. I really like this one.

Timber – I proposed this as a middle name for our son, but was vetoed. I still love it though.

Pike – A pike is a predatory type of fish, so obviously it has a cool tough guy ring to it.

Juniper – I really pushed for this botanical name in the event we would’ve had a second girl, but alas it wasn’t in the cards.

Fable“A short story, typically with animals as characters, conveying a moral.” I think the meaning behind this name makes it, but it’s equally cute even when the meaning is set aside.

Honor – Virtue names are a great option for little ones and who wouldn’t love for their little one to embody the character trait of honor?

Case – The word case can mean different things, so why not add awesome baby name to the list?


Meritt – OK, so the word merit actually only has one “T”, but if it were being used as a baby name, I think it looks better with two “T”s, but to each their own.

Garner – Perhaps this name will garner approval from some parents out there?

Clemency – This word means “mercy or lenience” which I love, but I might suggest shortening it to Clemence instead. It still retains the feel of the word clemency, but it sounds more chic and like a real name.

Bliss – Bliss means “perfect happiness, great joy” and that is exactly what a new baby brings.

Shepherd – Even if your little one doesn’t grow up to be a sheep farmer, this is still a pretty great name.

Piper – A very sweet name for a little girl.

Pen – A writing utensil, an animal cage, and a very cute name for a little one.

Aria – I first heard the name Aria while watching “Game of Thrones” and thought it was just a pretty name, but apparently it’s a word with musical roots as well, meaning, “a long, accompanied song for a solo voice, typically one in an opera or oratorio.”

Holiday – Having a new little one around makes every day a holiday…you know…aside from the lack of sleep and constant diaper changes. Little ones really are a joy though, which would make this a sweet name. Bonus, you could use “Holli” or “Holls” as a nickname.

Coy – This name has a similar feel to Kai, but feels a bit fresher and more unique.

Kestral – A kestral is a type of small falcon, so if you’ve been looking for an animal name, but were looking for something a bit further from the beaten path than Bear or Wolf, this could be a perfect choice.

Bridge – A good alternative to those considering Bridget since it feels much more fresh and modern.

Whim – I like to think that a child name Whim might grow up to be that fun and spontaneous friend everyone wants to be around.

Valor – While it’s meaning of great courage could lead a child to have big shoes to fill, I still think it’s a great pick.

Frost – A cool option for babies born during winter months…or otherwise.

Canyon – Another great nature name that isn’t often used.

Sorrel – Sorrel can either be the name of a type of European plant or a color (orangish brown) and I rather like it for a baby too. A good gender neutral option.

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