30 Lovely Baby Names Inspired by Plant Life

My husband and I have been eagerly waiting to get started on our garden. We live on a farm now, so we’ve got BIG plans for it — growing all kinds of veggies, herbs, fruits, and flowers. Some of my favorite baby names come from the garden. Check them out!

1. Abiliene – A beautiful garden-inspired girl’s name, meaning “grass” or “green-cover” in Hebrew.

2. Amir – I love this sweet boy’s name. Amir is Arabic for “treetop.”

3. Aster – A gender-neutral name derived from the aster flower…

4. Birch – I think this would be the COOLEST middle name for a boy!

5. Bogart – Unusual, maybe. This boy’s name means “orchard.”

6. Cedar – I have a friend whose son’s name is Cedar. Such a unique name and perfect for your little outdoorsman.

7. Cypress – Name your son or daughter after the cypress tree…

8. Daphne – How darling is this name? Daphne means “laurel.”

9. Eden – A beautiful name – for a girl or a boy!

10. Fern – A cute name for a little girl…

11. Flora – This is one of my most favorite baby names. It is Latin for “flower.”

12. Forest – A great first or middle name for your little boy!

13. Glenn – Glenn or Glen is a gender-friendly name…

14. Hazel – A bit old-fashioned, but a pretty name! I think it’d make a great middle name, too!


15. Hollis – Of Old English origin, this one means “near the holly.”

16. Huckleberry – Hands down, this is my husband’s favorite boy name!

17. Iris – Iris is SUCH a beautiful name!

18. Jardine – A French boy’s name meaning “garden.”

19. Lennox – This boy’s name is pretty hip, meaning “with many elm trees.”

20. Lily – It doesn’t get any sweeter than this! (Lily can also be spelled Lilly.)

21. Oak – My friend’s son’s name is Oakland, but he goes by Oak. I think it’s so unique!

22. Peony – A super-sweet baby girl’s name…

23. Plum – Named after a fruit, this would be so cute for a girl’s first or middle name…

24. Poppy – Name your little sweetums after this bright orange-red flower!

25. Posie – Another adorable name for baby girl…

26. Reed – Reed or Reid is becoming a popular boy’s name…

27. Rohan – Rohan or Rowan is a boy’s or girl’s name. It means “red-flowering tree” or “red-haired.”

28. Rosie – Rose or Rosie is a classic girl’s name of every woman’s favorite flower…

29. Waverly – Waverly is technically a boy’s name, but I think it’d make a beautiful girl’s name too. It means “meadow.”

30. Willow – This name is on the verge of hippy territory, but it’s cute. It would make a sweet middle name, don’t you think?

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