30 Baby Names Inspired by Old Hollywood

Looking for a baby name that conjures up images of glamorous gals and handsome, debonaire fellas?  Want a name that is classic, timeless, but also reminiscent of the past, something with a vintage feel?  How about turning to the glamour of Old-time Hollywood, when the stars were all in black and white, but weren’t any less dazzling?  While some of the most famous actors had very classic, common names, like John Wayne and James Dean, many of the names of old Hollywood actors and actresses are so ingrained in our genre that we can’t help but think of Ginger Rogers when we hear the name Ginger, or Cary Grant when we hear Cary.  So if you want an iconic name that sparks of beauty and glamour, consider one of these 30 names inspired by Old Hollywood.

  • Inspired By Old Hollywood

    Inspired By Old Hollywood

    Click through for 30 of my favorite Old Hollywood baby names, inspired by the actors and actresses that made Hollywood glamorous.

  • Audrey


    Audrey Hepburn is as well known for her role in Breakfast At Tiffany’s as she is for her iconic style and pixie haircut. If you want a name that makes you think of a girl with a chic sense of style and an adorable personality, this just might be the name for you.

  • Ava


    Ava Gardner was the star of Show Boat, and she was definitely ahead of her time in the name department. Ava was the #5 most popular name for girls in 2012, and continues to be a popular choice for parents wanting a stylish, glamorous, yet fun name for their daughter.

  • Bette


    Betty Davis may have been best known for her startling roles in All About Eve and What Ever Happened To Baby Jane, it was her husky voice and starlit eyes that made her even more memorable. The unique and talented actress’s name has grown in popularity in the past few years, topping in the top 300 in 2007 versus top 900 in 1967.

  • Cary


    Cary Grant is best known for his roles in North By Northwest and His Girl Friday, but he’s equally well known for his charming personality and handsome good looks, complete with his trademark chin dimple. You can’t help but evoke images of charm and good lucks with a name like Cary.

  • Charlie


    Charlie Chaplin was the funny and quirky star of the classic black and white film, The Tramp, and his name lives on decades later. The name Charlie has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds over the last several years, and hit the top 50 in the US last year.

  • Clark


    From high school dropout to dazzling movie star, Clark Gable went on to star in one of the most popular and well known films of all time, Gone With The Wind, and in that landed a line that is still one of the most memorable movie lines of all time. A boy with the name Clark will definitely conjure up images of strength, good looks and charm.

  • Dean


    Last names as first names has been a recent popular trend in baby names, so why not consider the name Dean, after the handsome James Dean? Of Latin origin, it means presiding official.

  • Elizabeth


    Elizabeth Taylor’s stunning eyes made her memorable, but her roles in Cleopatra, and Cat On A Hot Tin Roof are her legacy. Meaning consecrated to God, Elizabeth was in the top #10 names for 2012.

  • Errol


    Errol Flynn was the star of Captain Blood and Misadventures Of Robin Hood, and had a mustache that was classic Old Hollywood. The name Errol is of Latin origin and means to wander, and has seen a resurgence in popularity in the last 10 years.

  • Frank


    While Frank Sinatra’s acting career was legendary, it’s his smooth and immediately recognizable voice that still lives on today, and makes him one of the most memorable stars of Old Hollywood. Of Latin origin, it means a free man, and hangs on in popularity by continually being in the top 300 most popular baby boy names year after year.

  • Fred


    Fred Astaire was the actor who was also brilliantly light on his feet. While it may no longer be one of the most popular names, it is still a strong and classic man’s name, and means peace.

  • Gene


    Gene Kelly was the actor with the good lucks who could also sing and dance, and is best known for his role in Singing In The Rain. A form of the name Eugene, it is of Greek origin and means born lucky.

  • Ginger


    Ginger Rogers was the beautiful actress who could also sing and dance and is known for her memorable roles in Top Hat and Shall We Dance. Of Latin origin, the name literally comes directly from the ginger plant, and is a rise on the name, looking to rank in the top 200 of most popular names for 2013.

  • Grace


    Grace Kelly was the gorgeous actress of classic films like Rear Window and To Catch A Thief, and her name evokes both beauty and charm. A name of Latin origin meaning grace, it has and continues to be one of the most popular names in the country, ranking in the top 20 for the past 5 years.

  • Gregory


    Of Latin origin, meaning watchman, Gregory is a strong name that continues to be popular in the US.

  • Greta


    Greta Garbo was the beautiful actress from Sweden, and her name is of Greek origin, meaning child of light. A form of the name Margaret, Greta is a popular choice in name all on its own.

  • Jimmy


    Jimmy Stewart is the loveable character from movies such as Mr. Smith Goes To Washington and It’s A Wonderful Life and the name invokes images of charm, humor and a goodnatured attitude.

  • John


    John Wayne’s name lives on as one of the most popular boys names of all time. Meaning God is gracious, it is of Hebrew origin and comes in the top 50 of most popular boys names for 2012.

  • Judy


    Judy Garland, the young actress with the unforgettable voice, made famous in The Wizard Of Oz, the name means admired and is of Hebrew origin.

  • Katherine


    The other famous Hepburn, Katherine was famous for her roles in movies such as The African Queen and The Philadelphia Story. The name means pure and is of Greek origin, and has grown quite dramatically in popularity the last several years, topping in at #64 in 2012.

  • Lana


    Lana is a Polynesian name meaning to float, Lana Turner was also the gorgeous blonde actress from such films as The Bad And The Beautiful and Peyton Place.

  • Lauren


    Lauren Bacall was the stunning brunette from the film The Big Sleep, her name has continued to be a popular choice for baby girls. Of Latin origin meaning laurel, the name has consistently been in the top 100 names the last several years.

  • Laurence


    While no longer as popular of a name as before, the name still sparks of old Hollywood glamor and style when associate with the famous actor Laurence Olivier.

  • Mickey


    A form of the name Michael, a Hebrew name meaning who is like God, the name is associated with old Hollywood for the actor Mickey Rooney, loveable star of Breakfast At Tiffany’s and National Velvet.

  • Monroe


    If you don’t want to be as literal with your Hollywood inspired names, try Monroe, after Marilyn Monroe. It works for both a boy or girl name, and is a Gaelic name meaning from the red swamp.

  • Peter


    Peter is of Greek origin meaning a rock, and has been a popular name for boys in the past 5 years.

  • Rita


    A form of the name Margarita, Rita has seen a sharp insurgence of popularity in the past 5 years. It is also well known from the pretty actress and star of the film Gilda.

  • Spencer


    Of English origin meaning keeper, the name is inspired by old Hollywood after actor Spencer Tracy, star of the film Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.

  • Veronica


    A classic and beautiful name meaning true victory, Veronica Lake was the knockout blonde from Brooklyn and star of The Blue Dahlia

  • Vivien


    I end this names list with Vivien, inspired by Vivien Leigh, the actress and star of Gone With The Wind. Meaning alive, it is of French origin and is a classic and beautifully unique name.

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