30 Baby Names Inspired By LOVE

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air — and what better place to draw inspiration for baby names than from love itself?

Whether you’re still looking for a love-inspired name for your February baby, or even if you’ll be having a little one in a completely different month, a love-inspired name could be the perfect choice!

Check out these unique love-inspired monikers:

  • 30 Baby Names Inspired By LOVE

    30 Baby Names Inspired By LOVE

  • Aiko


    The name Aiko means “little loved one” in Japanese – this would be so cute for a girl or a boy.

  • Amorette


    This name is of French origin and means “little love” – doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

  • Aziz


    Arabic, meaning “powerful and beloved”.

  • Brisa


    If you’re looking for a name with Spanish roots, maybe this one would fit the bill. It means beloved.

  • Carys


    Carys is of Welch origin and means love. This one has quite a few spelling possibilities as well.

  • Charity


    An English word name meaning “benevolent goodwill and love”.

  • Connelly


    This name of Irish origin would make a cute alternative to the more often used “Connor” and means “love and friendship”.

  • Darcy


    Any woman who’s read “Pride and Prejudice” will know where I’m headed with this one. I love the idea of giving a little one the name Darcy (it was actually on my list as a middle name if we’d had a boy!), because what girl doesn’t love the romantic story between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy?

  • David


    David is a Hebrew name with biblical roots that means “beloved” – if you’re looking at biblical names and love inspired names, this name will fit both categories.

  • Esme


    This name of Persian decent means “emerald”, but can also mean “esteemed and beloved”.

  • Ettie


    OK…I’ll admit that this one is a bit of a stretch, but I just love this name, so go with me: Ettie is a variant of the name Esther, which is a variant of the name Ishtar who was the Babylonian goddess of love. See the love connection? Either way, I think this name is one of the cutest on this list.

  • Femi


    An African name that means “love me” – this one just makes me melt. So sweet for a little girl.

  • Freya


    Freya doesn’t mean “love”, but it is the name of the Norse goddess of love and fertility, so there’s the tie in. This name was on my favorites list for a little girl.

  • Gerwyn


    Welch name meaning “fair love”…perfect for your little fair complected love bug.

  • Grianne


    This Irish name means “charming love” and I find it quite charming myself.

  • Imogen


    I’ve loved the name Imogen since I was a child and I had a favorite book where there was a heroine named Imogen. This name is Greek and means “beloved child”.

  • Juliet


    Everyone knows that this name is associated with the famous and tragic lead character from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”.

  • Kalila


    Kalila would be a lovely name for a little girl. It’s of Arabic origins and means “beloved”.

  • Lennan


    No, this is not just a misspelling of Lennon – the name Lennan is actually an Irish name meaning “sweetheart or lover” and I think the more feminine spelling would lend itself nicely to using this name for a little girl.

  • Love


    As straightforward as you can get – I think Love would make an adorable middle name as well as a first name.

  • Maitea


    I loved the name Matea for a girl when I was pregnant and this is on the same track. Maitea is Spanish and means “love”.

  • Milena


    I think Milena is an absolutely lovely name. It’s of Czech origin and I especially like that it means “love, warmth and grace” – all lovely sentiments to bestow on a little one.

  • Mina


    A German girl’s name meaning “love”.

  • Nayely


    I think this is my favorite name on the list, it means “I love you” and is of Native American descent.

  • Neha


    Neha is an Indian name meaning “cherished”.

  • Romeo


    The love match to Shakespeare’s Juliet.

  • Shaida


    I knew a girl named Shaida once and I always thought it was a pretty name. It’s of Muslim descent and means “madly in love”.

  • Thaddeus


    Thaddeus has Aramaic origins and means “heart” – it also has the option of being shortened to Thad which is nice as well.

  • Valentine


    A boy’s name inspired by Saint Valentine the namesake of the holiday of love.

  • Valentina


    The female version of Valentine and quite lovely for a little girl.

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