30 Baby Names Inspired by LOVE

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air — and what better place to draw inspiration for baby names than from love itself?

Whether you’re still looking for a love-inspired name for your February baby, or even if you’ll be having a little one in a completely different month, a love-inspired name could be the perfect choice!

Check out these unique love-inspired monikers:

1. Aiko – The name Aiko means “little loved one” in Japanese – this would be so cute for a girl or a boy.

2. Amorette – This name is of French origin and means “little love” – doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

3. Aziz – Arabic, meaning “powerful and beloved.”

4. Brisa – If you’re looking for a name with Spanish roots, maybe this one would fit the bill. It means “beloved.”

5. Carys – Carys is of Welch origin and means “love.” This one has quite a few spelling possibilities as well.

6. Charity – An English word name meaning “benevolent goodwill and love.”

7. Connelly – This name of Irish origin would make a cute alternative to the more often used “Connor” and means “love and friendship.”

8. Darcy – Any woman who has read “Pride and Prejudice” will know where I’m headed with this one. I love the idea of giving a little one the name Darcy (it was actually on my list as a middle name if we’d had a boy!), because what girl doesn’t love the romantic story between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy?

9. David – David is a Hebrew name with biblical roots that means “beloved.” If you’re looking at biblical names and love-inspired names, this name will fit both categories.

10. Esme – This Persian name means “emerald,” but can also mean “esteemed and beloved.”

11. Ettie – Okay… I’ll admit that this one is a bit of a stretch, but I just love this name, so go with me: Ettie is a variant of the name Esther, which is a variant of the name Ishtar who was the Babylonian goddess of love. See the love connection? Either way, I think this name is one of the cutest on this list.

12. Femi – A Nigerian name of Yoruba origin that means “love me.” This one just makes me melt. So sweet for a little girl.


13. Freya – Freya doesn’t mean “love,” but it is the name of the Norse goddess of love and fertility, so there’s the tie-in. This name was on my favorites list for a little girl.

14. Gerwyn – A Welch name meaning “fair love”… perfect for your little love bug.

15. Grianne – This Irish name means “charming love” and I find it quite charming myself.

16. Imogen – I’ve loved the name Imogen since I was a child and I had a favorite book where there was a heroine named Imogen. This name is Greek and means “beloved child.”

17. Juliet – This name is associated with the famous and tragic lead character from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

18. Kalila – Kalila would be a lovely name for a little girl. It’s of Arabic origin and means “beloved.”

19. Lennan – No, this is not just a misspelling of Lennon – the name Lennan is actually an Irish name meaning “sweetheart” and I think the more feminine spelling would lend itself nicely to using this name for a little girl.

20. Love – As straightforward as you can get. I think Love would make an adorable middle name as well as a first name.

21. Maitea – I loved the name Matea for a girl when I was pregnant and this is on the same track. Maitea is Spanish and means “love”.

22. Milena – I think Milena is an absolutely lovely name. It’s of Czech origin and I especially like that it means “love, warmth and grace” – all lovely sentiments to bestow on a little one.

23. Mina – A German girl’s name meaning “love.”

24. Nayely – I think this is my favorite name on the list. It means “I love you” and is of Native American descent.

25. Neha – Neha is a Sanskrit name meaning “love.”

26. Romeo – The love match to Shakespeare’s Juliet.

27. Shaida – I knew a girl named Shaida once and I always thought it was a pretty name. It’s of Muslim descent and means “madly in love.”

28. Thaddeus – Thaddeus has Aramaic origins and means “heart.” It also has the option of being shortened to Thad, which is nice as well.

29. Valentine – A boy’s name inspired by Saint Valentine, the namesake of the holiday of love.

30. Valentina – The female version of Valentine and quite lovely for a little girl.

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