3 Ways We Are Enjoying The End of the Summer

Okay, so summer is more of a relative term when you live in Florida like we do. But the weather has started to change (finally!) and we are so happy to be able to hang out in the great outdoors more…


1. The Hammock! It took him a while but now he totally loves it. He snuggles down into it and holds on to the sides. He also loves to cuddle with us in the hammock and look for birds in the sky. If he’d let me, I’d stay there with him all day. But usually his excitement only lasts about 5 minutes. HAHA!

2. Now that he is a little bigger and more sure of his footing he loves to go on walks around the quiet streets of our neighborhood. His favorite game to play is a game kind of like Redlight Greenlight where he grabs our hands and shouts “RUN!” and then we all run until he shouts “WALK!” At lest it’s exercise right? ;)

3. The nice weather just begs for us to visit the local farmer’s markets and pick up fresh fruits and cheeses and veggies and all manner of delicious seasonal goodies. We are so happy that our son is a good eater and loves to try new things. His new seasonal favorite? Pomegranate seeds!

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