3 Tricks to Keep Your Baby Happy in the Pool

Today we started Mommy, er, Daddy & me swimming lessons. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to all summer. As I previously mentioned, I grew up around the water, and in my former (younger) life I was a swim instructor. That being said, actually starting the lessons were a big moment for me and our 10-month-old, as I was hoping he’d love the water as much as I do.

As you head to the pool this summer, here are three tricks to keep them happy and comfortable in the water.


1. Eye-to-eye – Make sure you stay at eye level with your little one. This often means crouching in the water or walking on your knees. Too often, parents want to stand up in the water and hold their infants off to their side or on their hip. This can make your baby feel insecure and uneasy in the water. Staying at eye level provides comfort and security for your little one.

2. Correct grip – Holding your infant the correct way can help ease the transition into the water. Facing your child, slide your fingers under their armpits with your thumbs facing you (as if you were to pick them up.) Holding them correctly allows you to keep their head above water while looking them eye-to-eye as you move through the water. Giving them comfort in turn, allows them to build confidence in the water.

3. Keep ‘em wanting more – Water and air temperature are a big factor in the success of any trip to the pool for an infant. Too cold and an epic meltdown may be on the way. Too hot and sun exposure is a big concern. 20-30 minutes is the ideal amount of time for infants to be in the pool. You should encourage kicking, splashing, singing, and play. Don’t be afraid of a little water in their face, gentle splashing is fine. Taking them out before they get tired or frustrated will help keep them wanting to come back for more.

Try these tricks the next time you are at the pool. Don’t forget to always provide adult supervision while around water to enjoy a summer full of water fun and safety.

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