3 Things to Love About Baby’s First Halloween

Happy Halloween, friends! In the land of trick-or-treating, it’s easy to feel like babies are getting the shaft. After all, they can’t marvel over their costume, run through their neighborhood with glee — or even pass out in a sugar-induced coma after the end of a successful eve.

Yet Halloween doesn’t have to be a drag if you’re not to that stage in parenting yet. Instead, focus on these 3 things to love about your baby’s first Halloween!


1. No-Fuss Costuming.
That’s right, parents — you get full control over baby’s costume. Want to dress that sweet little being up like a bag of popcorn? Do it! Fortunately for you, your wee one doesn’t get a say…yet.

2. Neighborly Love.
If you have a newborn like me, you’ll likely be staying indoors for the festivities. What a great way to meet your neighbors! Turn on that porch light and bring the candy aplenty — who knows? Maybe you’ll meet a fellow new mom who is dying for a nanny share!

3. Bonus Points.
Any time you dress your baby as an animal, you win bonus points with the grandparents. It’s a rule. Even more extra credit if you snap a photo and send it via snail mail (or stop by for an in-person visit if your parents live nearby). Your mother will be offering to babysit in no time!

So, friends — what do you love most about celebrating Halloween with your babies? I’d love to hear!

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