3 Things That Definitely DO Get Easier When You’re a New Mom

During Soren’s newborn stage, many moms told me “it gets easier” — and while I wasn’t so sure, especially with my tired mind not being extremely clear, I was excited to see how life would continue to change over time. I remember researching and being so concerned about several things as I approached parenthood. I’ve realized that simply “diving in,” learning from the experience, and talking to trusted friends is sometimes the very best thing you can do. The following are a few things that have become SIGNIFICANTLY easier over the past five months that I definitely put my fair share of worry into…


Breastfeeding – Before having Soren, I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to nurse. More than anything, I wanted to nurse Soren. I was determined and wanted to give it my very best try. Jon doesn’t have a great immune system and struggles a lot with many allergies. I wanted to give Soren his best shot at a good immune system so nursing was very important for me. With that said, nursing was tricky at first and was initially painful as my milk came in and as Soren was determined to nurse almost every hour! It was intense and tiring, but it made me so happy that I was able to nurse. Five months later, Soren is nursing every 3-4 hours and no longer nursing at night. It’s also a time of bonding and absolutely doesn’t hurt anymore. We’ve got this down now and found our rhythm.

Sleeping – Let’s be real. Sleeping is tricky for both parties. I spent the first four months waking up at least once each night. Soren was also all over the place with his sleep schedule. Now, Soren is sleeping through the night, is going down for bedtime easily and I’m sleeping too!! AND getting time to myself or with Jon during the evening. Win!!

Traveling – While I still get quite nervous before big road trips with Soren. It’s much easier traveling with him when he’s not feeding so frequently, can be entertained, and sleeps pretty well in the car. We recently took a 4.5 hour road trip to visit our niece and new nephew and Soren did GREAT! I must admit, poop explosions are more prone to happen in the car for Soren, so that DOES make me a little nervous, and I’ll be very excited when that’s no longer an issue! ;)

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