3 Things My Toddler Says That I’ve Learned to Ignore

I remember how frustrating it was as a child to not be taken seriously.

One of the things I try to do as a parent is pay attention to what my children are communicating to me and doing my best to take their wants and needs into account.

However, with a few parenting years under my belt, there are three things my toddler tells me that I’ve learned to ignore:

Two Babies in a Single Stroller1. “I will walk the whole way.”

I’ve learned the hard way. Always bring a stroller (or, once you have two kids, always bring the double stroller). A two-year-old may feel fresh and energetic on the way to the park, but on the way home, guaranteed I’ll be carrying that heavy child up the hill several blocks to our house.

2. “I won’t be cold.”

The good thing about clothing for small children is that it’s small. So I’ve just learned to tuck a jacket in my purse and bite my tongue when my toddler is suddenly “freezing to death!”

3. “I’m not tired!”

Usually this is said ten minutes before my little one is out cold in the carseat or the crib.

What have you learned to ignore from your little ones?
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