3 Things I Always Look for in a Diaper Bag

Selecting a new diaper bag can be so overwhelming. With so many options, styles and patterns, it’s difficult to know where to start and what to buy. I’ve been through my fair share of diaper bags and had to retire a few early that didn’t meet my needs.

In order to help ease the process of diaper bag shopping, I’m sharing three things you’ll want to look for in a diaper bag before purchasing, so you can find the bag that’s perfect for you!

1. Structured, Not Floppy

I’ve tried both unstructured bags that don’t sit upright and bags that are more structured, and I’m constantly reaching for the more structured bags. Having an unstructured diaper bag makes it so difficult to find what you need and keep all of your items organized. Avoid floppy, unstructured, bucket bags when purchasing your diaper bag. Some structured diaper bags come with adjustable/removable dividers which is so helpful in organizing! A rule of thumb I like to follow is if I open the diaper bag, I should be able to reach in and grab what I need within a few seconds.

2. Easy to Clean


This is an important and not always considered quality when purchasing a bag. Most likely something will be spilled or baby will manage to spit up in or on your bag. ;) Make sure the material is either machine washable or easy to wipe down to prevent staining and stickiness!

3. Easy-Access Storage Pockets

No storage is created equal. Make sure your bag has enough pockets that are easy to slip your hand in and out of. Some pockets with zippers or tricky closures can make storage more difficult. For any diaper bag that doesn’t quite have enough pockets, you can always use zippered pouches to further organize your diaper bag must-haves! A few pockets on the outside and a few on the inside are always nice.

BONUS: It’s always a huge bonus when a diaper bag includes a changing pad and a bottle holder. These are two must-haves for any diaper bag and come in handy at nearly every outing! If your diaper bag doesn’t include these items, not to worry, you can always purchase them separately, but it sure is wonderful when they do!

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