3 Ways to Truly Enjoy the Present Moment with Your Baby

Growing up, you’re always told that time passes you by quicker and quicker as you age. The first 20 years of my life seemed so long — but now that I’m approaching my late 20s, time magically seems to be speeding up. And these are the moments I especially don’t want to pass me by too quickly.

I adore my sweet little family, our youth, and my firstborn growing and becoming such a fun baby. More than any other phase of my life so far, I want to really appreciate these moments. And since we don’t have a time machine or one of those handy devices that gives you 10 extra hours in a day, here are some tips I’ve discovered that can help you slow down and enjoy this season of your life.


1. Stop and take it in. It’s easy to quickly let our minds move through our daily routine of to-do’s lists, conversations, etc. Whenever I want to slow down and enjoy a moment, I stop, and start to really take what’s around me. I think about Soren’s little feet kicking the bath water, the little droplets of water running down the sides of his cheeks, the way his hair looks perfectly smooth after running water over it, his little smile when I wrap him up nice and warm in a towel. The smell of his body wash and the coconut oil I put all over his slippery little body. I try to focus on every part of the moment. The visual, the sounds, the smells the feelings… it’s almost like creating a photo in your memory.

2. Break your routine. More often than not, my husband and I spend our weeks very similarly. It becomes so easy to build momentum in our routine and go through each week in the blink of an eye. Lately, we’ve been making it a mission to go on more “Wallace Family Adventures,” as we like to call them. Just something simple and out of the ordinary. For example, we went on a family picnic at Stone Mountain recently. We walked around the park, ate lunch, chatted and enjoyed the beautiful day. It was such a subtle and special way to slow down our time and it really stands out as a special adventure in my memory. I truly believe that creating more fond memories has a unique way of stretching out our time.

3. Stop wishing for the future. Being a very futuristic person myself, I often find it difficult to stop daydreaming about tomorrow or next year. I makes it tricky to be present and content. I’m doing my best to make a conscious effort to be here, today. Yes, I’m excited about the holidays, YES I hope to go on a cruise for our wedding anniversary — but instead of wishing for those moments to “be here already,” it’s important to enjoy and love today!

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