3 Must-Have Clothing Pieces for Your Newborn

Winnie the Pooh newborn clothing pieces are a great option, whether you’re having a boy, girl, or are waiting to be surprised on the big day. Pooh’s delicate pastel color palette offers a gender-neutral wardrobe to keep Baby looking completely adorbs throughout their newborn months.

But what about all the different kinds of clothing out there? Rompers, creepers, bodysuits, sleep & play outfits — what’s in a name? Turns out, a whole lot when it comes to buying clothes for Baby! While these might all seem like the same thing, they actually serve a variety of different purposes — giving you convenience and flexibility when it comes to Baby’s first wardrobe.

Here are three of the most essential pieces of clothing for newborns that you’ll definitely want to scoop up on your next shopping trip — or add to your baby registry.

Sleep & Plays
This essential newborn outfit pretty much says exactly what it does: It’s a single cozy outfit that can go from the crib to the playmat, high chair, or even their older sibling’s lap. Attached footies mean baby’s tootsies won’t get too cold, while zip-front closures make diaper changes that much easier. They provide a great base to layer Baby’s clothes in the winter, too.


Rompers & Creepers
The main difference between rompers and creepers is really just their names, as both offer your newborn the ability to move around more freely than a sleep & play, especially once they start sitting up and crawling. Rompers and creepers are the perfect “easy outfit” when heading out for the day: These one-piece outfits typically have short sleeves and short legs, making it super easy to change in and out of. It’s good to keep a backup romper or creeper in your diaper bag, so that if Baby has a diaper emergency or messy lunch out with Mom, it’s a cinch to change his or her outfit.

Top & Pants Sets
Probably the most adorable of baby clothes, top and pants sets make baby look they’re dressed just like Mommy or Daddy — of course, on a much smaller and cuter scale. The best part about top and pants sets is the convenience of mixing and matching with other clothing items in Baby’s wardrobe, from solid-colored separates to that special sweater knitted by Baby’s great aunt.

If you haven’t added baby clothes to your baby registry, these three newborn pieces definitely represent your must-have baby clothes for your newborn — and with Winnie the Pooh, there are so many ridiculously adorable options to choose from!

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