3 Months of Margot

Last week marked three months of little miss Margot. Her birth seems long ago, yet the past three months have flown by. What I was calling “survival mode” has turned into our new normal. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on life with three little ones, now. That doesn’t mean it’s not crazy from time to time. It just means I feel like we have created a sweet little rhythm.


It took around two months for us to get all of our breastfeeding kinks worked out, and Margot has been nursing beautifully since. Around 12 weeks, Margot decided to become the best little babe on the planet, sleeping all night long, and napping well during the day, too. I’m serious. She’ll sleep in the middle of the floor with the vacuum going or her sisters running around, acting like hooligans in the background!

Of course, there are already things I miss about Margot’s early days and a million little things I wish I could bottle up and keep forever. Her smell. The way she snorts all the livelong day. (It’s seriously adorable.) How she finally figured out to suck her thumb. (Like a copycat of little Ingrid!) The way she coos. It’s like she’s singing me a little song. The way her eyes dance when you talk to her. The way she laughs and gets a kick out of it when you laugh at her. The way she lets her sisters smother her and doesn’t even try to be annoyed. The way she kicks her little feet when she’s excited about something. The way she gazes into my eyes when she nurses. The way she’s perfectly content when we go to the pool. The way her hair styles itself. The sounds she makes when we read her a story…

I do hope I remember her every sound, milestone, and personality. Margot is my constant joy, friends. We are so blessed by her life in ours. Here’s to month 4!

P.S. – Want to track Margot’s first year along with us? Just search #weeklymarge on Instagram. Curious about what it takes to do her weekly photos? Click here!

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