3 Life Lessons We’re Learning from Dumbo


Bee’s favorite Disney movie is Dumbo and, my goodness, do we have that sweet baby elephant to thank for getting us through some very dumbo-and-beelong teething days (and nights!) as of late. For the past two weeks, we’ve cuddled to the song Baby Mine, laughed at the circus clown performances, and cried at the thought of Dumbo’s oversized ears being anything less than celebrated to the fullest.

And the more I watch this sweet film, the more I realize how many life lessons are nestled throughout tales of peanuts and mice, mothers and adversity…

  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To many, Dumbo’s bigger-than-average ears were the punchline of a joke. But to a mother, Dumbo was perfect. May we never strive to fit in to appease the crowd, but instead, love ourselves enough to accept our own flaws — those “flaws” are what make us beautifully different.
  2. Friends can be found in the most unlikely places. A circus mouse and a baby elephant are perhaps the oddest of couples, but together, they share a uniquely supportive and encouraging relationship. May we continually seek past our own community and reach further to the edges of those we don’t know. Our next best friend could be on the horizon.
  3. You can always change your story. Dumbo was dealt a fairly grim hand, but with a healthy dose of creativity, a supportive crew of crows and a mix of faith and hard work, he rose above his circumstances. May we always take hold of the pen and attempt to write our own future the best way we know how.

Tell me, friends, what are a few life lessons your baby is learning from your favorite Disney characters? I’d love to hear!

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