3 Skills I STILL Haven’t Mastered After 3 Kids

You’d think that by the time my third kid rolled around, I’d have everything pretty much figured out. But there are still some motherly responsibilities that — no matter how hard I try — I cannot master.

So instead of imparting my know-it-all wisdom on you, I’m turning the table. And begging —yes, begging — you to share yours. What are your tricks for these everyday challenges I find myself facing? (Still!)


Nail Cutting

Blood. It’s on her face from the latest scratches her monster finger nails have imparted on her. So I cut. Again, blood. Either from the “safe” baby clippers going rogue as she yanks her hand from mine. Or from the bite mark she left on my arm trying to get me to stop. (Ok, she’s never really left me bleeding, but not for lacking of trying). There’s got to be a better way. Do tell.

Hair Washing

Blood. As in curdling screams. We’ve tried no-tears soap, wash cloths over the eyes, special water pouring containers. It’s bad. So bad. What’s your secret?

Staying Calm

You know when you see your baby fall for the first time and you think, “That looked bad, but it really wasn’t. We survived…and I’m gonna have to get used to this.” Yeah, well, six years and about 5,435,633 falls later, I still feel my heart jump into my throat every time I see that one of my kids go down. How do you keep your cool?

Ok, folks. I’m looking to you for your tips and tricks. Don’t let me down! (Oh, and if you happen to have the secret to getting your kids to sleep past 6am, send that my way too, would ya?)

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