3-Day Potty Training with Free Printable


Potty training is most parent’s least favorite part of the early years. In my experience, each child trains differently. Some children are excited and ready to train, while others are pretty reluctant. We have been trying to train our toddler for some time now. Just the other day, I came across this awesome 3-day plan and knew I had to share it with you here…

The 3-day method is fairly simple. Day 1 is “naked day,” Day 2 is for undies, and Day 3 is for practice! You can read more about the 3-day method HERE. Best of all, you can get this free printable potty chart. What kid doesn’t love stickers?!

I can’t wait to start this with Ingrid. I think the chart will be a nice incentive for her!

Thanks to Heather of The Caterpillar Years for letting me share this with you!

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