3 Backyard Activities to Help You Beat the Heat

Schedules, naps, errands — they can all cut into time you’d rather spend at the pool, the park, or just about anywhere enjoying the summer sun. Sometimes you have to bring the fun to you.


Here are our favorite backyard activities for summer fun.

Kiddie pool – Cost effective and loads of fun. If your little ones are anything like mine, they can’t stay OUT of the water. Filled early in the morning, the sunshine warms the water naturally and is ready to go after lunch. With a few water toys, we’re ready to splash for hours.

Bubble machine – Found at many of your favorite toy stores, the bubble machine gets as many giggles as bubbles it creates. With hundreds of bubbles filling the air, reaching and trying to catch them is a blast. Our little guy loves to watch them pop as they land.

Water table – Loaned to us from our neighbors, the water table is great fun as he can stand supported against the table and splash with the toys. What he doesn’t know is that it’s also working on his balance and creativity as he gets to use his imagination.

The backyard can be just as fun as any park, especially when time is short. We’ve found some time out back is a great way to fill holes in the schedule and keep everyone refreshed.

What are your go-to backyard activities? 

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