3 Adorable Tutu Onesies for Your Little Princess

Confession: Princesses are kind of a big deal in my house. 

I’ve never been one to “push” anything extra-girly or princessy on my girls, but who I am kidding? They love everything princess-related.

From my oldest charming her way past Cinderella at Disney World and cozying up to Prince Charming himself to our dress-up trunk that is overflowing with princess attire, I love the ways my daughters’ imaginations come alive through princess play.

I mean, after all, every girl is a princess no matter what, right?

And the truth is, I do believe that we are in for even more princess fun in our house, as I am currently pregnant with baby #4. Although we don’t know yet what gender our baby is (I’m only 15 weeks along), my husband and I both have the sneaking suspicion that our household is about to be overrun with all things girl yet again.

So, of course, I couldn’t resist browsing some adorable ways for our (maybe) baby girl to get in on the princess dress-up fun! 


  • Snow-White

    Although my little one won’t be quite ready for apples, I think she would look adorable in this Snow White inspired tutu. And I know my little “helpers” would love to dress her up!

    Available at Target in-store only. Sizes NB-9 months. $10.

  • Minnie

    It won’t take a trip to the famous Minne “bowtique” to get your little one in the spirit with this perfect onesie. I just love the polka dots on this one!

    Available at Target, in-store only. Sizes NB-9 months. $10

    Product info

  • Cinderella Cuddly Bodysuit

    Of course, Cinderella is the favorite princess in our house. (Although I am partial to Belle myself…a brunette who loves to read? Heck yes!) So it’s no question that this Cinderella onesie with an attached tutu would be a match made in heaven for my little princess. I love that this is soft so it won’t irritate baby skin.

    Available at Target, in-store only. Sizes NB to 9 months, $10.

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