25 Things I Literally Say Every Day as a Mom

I often find myself repeating phrases throughout the day. I’m not sure if it’s because my kindergartner and toddler choose to not listen to me or if I am just trying to really press it into their brains. Whatever the reason, I definitely have some key phrases I use every day. As I wrote this list out, I giggled to myself wondering how many other moms say these all the time, too? Here are my daily statements and requests.

  1. Don’t put that in your mouth.
  2. No no no no!!
  3. Where is my coffee?
  4. What is that on your face?
  5. Where is your shirt?
  6. Where are your pants?
  7. Where did you find that?
  8. Don’t eat that!
  9. Stop touching your brother!
  10. Did you flush?
  11. Did you wash your hands?
  12. No more fruit snacks!
  13. Just one more bite!
  14.  No sir, you may not have that.
  15. What do you say? You say, “Yes ma’am!”
  16. Where are your shoes?
  17. Clean up your toys!
  18. Did you wipe?
  19. Do you need to go potty?
  20. Get in the car!
  21. That is trash. We are not hoarders. Throw it away.
  22. I need a nap.
  23. Stop screaming in this house!!
  24. Don’t eat that!
  25. Do NOT hit!!

So would any of these be on your daily list? Let me know! I’m still laughing thinking about how often I have to say each of these. Ah, mom life. :)

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