25 Nicknames for Your Little Bun in the Oven

Whether you are pregnant for the first, third, or twelfth time, it’s hard not to give your baby-in-utero a funny little nickname. Whether you name baby after your #1 food craving or what he looked like at your first sonogram, it’s a fun thing and a cute little way to connect with your baby before you meet.

I took a poll on Facebook to see what mamas-to-be nicknamed their little ones before they were born. Here’s what they had to say…

  • Bean? Peanut? Tic-Tac?

    Bean? Peanut? Tic-Tac?

    Click through to see what these moms called their little ones before they were born!

  • Baby A & Baby B

    Baby A & Baby B

    A classic for parents of twins!

  • Baby Bat

    Baby Bat

    A little fuzzy night owl? Sounds about right!

  • Baby-Baby


    A friend of mine called her little one “Baby-Baby!” Isn’t it cute?!

  • Bambino


    A common nickname for that growing little babe!

  • Bean


    Probably the most common nickname, due to baby’s shape at the very beginning!

  • Blueberry


    This is what we called our very first daughter, because she was the size of a blueberry when we found out we were pregnant!

  • Boop


    Here’s a common nickname for babes before AND after birth!

  • Bud


    Bud = Baby Undetermined!

  • Bug


    Doodle Bug, June Bug… the little specimen stealing all your energy!

  • Bump


    Another classic name for that growing BUMP in your belly!

  • Catfish


    This has got to be one of the most unique nicknames! I love it!

  • Cornbread


    Yep, naming your baby after your food cravings!

  • Doozer


    A funny one, for sure!

  • Gummy Bear

    Gummy Bear

    Another one named after an ultrasound photo!

  • Gus


    Reminds me of that chubby little mouse in Cinderella!

  • Lagniappe


    This is a Nola-style expression for an unexpected gift!

  • Little Monkey

    Little Monkey

    Okay, who HASN’T called their babe a “Little Monkey” at some point?!

  • Nugget


    Another common pet name for baby!

  • Peanut


    We called our babes “Peanut” before and after birth!

  • Popper


    Here’s one we called my second daughter, Ingrid. It started as “Iggy Pop” then went to “Popper.” Sometimes I still call her that!

  • Radish


    Seems like the perfect nickname for a little growing thing!

  • Sprinkle


    Hard to believe, but baby is the size of a sprinkle early on!

  • Sprout


    What started as a bean is beginning to sprout!

  • Tadpole


    Before the baby has legs, he has a tail! Just like a tadpole!

  • The Beebs

    The Beebs

    I love this one, too! So funny…

What did YOU nickname YOUR little bun in the oven?

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