25 Unexpected Disney-Inspired Baby Names for Girls

When it comes to baby names, Disney characters can provide some great inspiration. There’s already been a list of 33 Unexpected Disney-Inspired Baby Names for Boys here at Disney Baby, and now I’m sharing options for the girls!

Here are some great potential baby names inspired by Disney characters that are a bit more off-the-beaten-path.

1. Akela
Akela is the name of the lead wolf in “The Jungle Book” who mentors Mowgli and I think it’s a great unique name option for a little girl.

2. Atta
The name of the princess Ant in “A Bug’s Life,” reminiscent of Addie, but with a fun and unique spin.

3. Baylene
Baylene is the name of a very off-the-beaten path Disney character – a brachiosaurus from the 2000 Disney movie “Dinosour.” Once I heard it, it was love — Southern sweet and not a name I’d heard before.


4. Blake
Blake is one of the pigeons from the movie “Bolt,” and even though it is typically thought of as a boy’s name, I love the name Blake for a girl!

5. Charlotte
Inspired by Charlotte La Bouff, Tiana’s childhood friend in “The Princess and the Frog,” Charlotte is such a lovely little girl’s name.

6. Dixie
While I admit that I have never actually seen the movie “The Fox and the Hound 2,” I do love the name Dixie — the name of one of the Saluki dogs in the movie.

7. Doris
This happens to be the name of the robotic bowler hat with mechanical arms from “Meet the Robinsons.” Even though its origins are a little odd, I truly do love this name.

8. Dot
Dot was the name of the littlest and princess in “A Bug’s Life,” and I think it makes a cute and kitschy name.

9. Ellie
Inspired by Ellie Mae, a mouse in the movie “The Rescuers.” Ellie is also the name of Carl’s wife in the movie “Up.” I think Ellie is adorable for a little lady.

10. Elliott
The name of the lovable dragon from “Pete’s Dragon,” cute for a boy or a girl, but I prefer it as a girl’s name.

11. Elsa
This name is best known from the movie “Frozen,” but the name Elsa was also used as one of the characters in “Frankenweenie” — the neighbor and classmate of Victor Frankenstein. A more unique option for those partial to the name “Ella.”

12. Evangeline
Evangeline is the name of the “firefly” who is the true love of Ray the Cajun firefly in the movie “The Princess and the Frog.” It was one of my favorite middle name options for my own daughter when we were brainstorming baby names.

13. Faline
The name of the young doe and Bambi’s love interest. I think it’s a very pretty, feminine name.

14. Georgette
The name of Jenny’s pet poodle in the movie “Oliver and Company.” Definitely not a name you hear every day.

15. Kit
Kit Cloudkicker was the name of Baloo’s little sidekick in the Disney TV show “Talespin” and could be a great name option for those who prefer more gender neutral names such as Charlie or Billie.

16. Lilo
The name of the little girl in “Lilo and Stitch.” I think it’s kind of a fun and quirky take on more typical baby girl names like “Lila” or “Lily.”

17. Lily
Tiger Lily was the name of the lovely Native American princess in “Peter Pan,” and I’ve always thought it was a pretty name — although Lily might be a little safer option for those who aren’t quite feeling so brave.

18. Lucille
The adoptive mother of Lewis Krunkelhorn, and a sweet throwback name for a little girl.

19. Maggie
The name of a cow in the movie “Home on the Range” and a super sweet little girl’s name.

20. Minnie
One of the most famous Disney names — a lovely name for a mouse and a little girl.


21. Nala
This name for the girl lion cub in “The Lion King” could possibly make a sweet name for your little one.

22. Pearl
The sweet, elderly farmer from the movie “Home on the Range.” I’m a sucker for little old lady names.

23. Sofia
I love this spelling of the name Sofia, inspired by the Disney series “Sofia the First.”

24. Thalia
Thalia was one of the five muses from the movie “Hercules” and this name has a fun bit of spicy flair!

25. Wendy
Who could forget Wendy from “Peter Pan?” This is a name that isn’t used often anymore, but perhaps it’s due for a comeback.

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