25 Perfect Names for Summer Babies

With the sun shining mighty hot and bright these days, I felt it would be a perfect time to suggest some seasonally-inspired names for summer babies.

The names listed have either a “hot” or “sunny” meaning, so you’re sure to come across one that’s just perfect.

Hottest and Brightest Summery Baby Names Sure to ShineGrab a glass of lemonade and put on your shades!

Apollo – With ties to Greek mythology, this sun-inspired name sounds modern despite its ancient history.

Aidan – This Irish name means “warm; little fire,” just right for your little one that is sure to warm your heart.

Altan – With a meaning of “red rising sun,” this Turkish name will rise to the top of your summer baby names list.

Cira – This pretty name directly translates to “sun,” with Spanish and Italian ties.

Cyrus – Another direct definition of “sun,” this time with an African background.

Dawn – Pretty self explanatory! Welcome a new baby with the dawning of a new sun.

Dayton – Your baby will certainly fill your heart and life with light, just as this name meaning “town full of light” suggests.

Domingo – Baby born on a Sunday? This name will fit perfectly!

Eleanor – Baby will be your “shining light” with a name like this.

Elena – Slightly shortened version and different sound from Eleanor, but with the same meaning.

Eloise – While this name typically means “healthy,” it also has sometimes been associated with “sun.”  Who wouldn’t want a healthy and sunny name?

Helina – This lovely Russian name means “the light of the sun.”

Hina – In Japan, this sweet name means “sunlight.”

Marisol – Celebrate your love of “sea and sun” with this Spanish name.

Ra – Channel your ancient Egyptian with this name meaning “sun.”

Ravi – Take a trip to India, and you’ll still find that this name means “sun” but with a cool sound.

Sol – Looking for something short and sunny? Look no further than this Spanish name meaning “sun.”

Senna – A “bright light” is just what your little girl will be in your life with this Arabic name.

Solana – She is your sunshine; your only sunshine! This will be especially true with this name!

Soleil – Looking for something French? How’s this for a fancy version of “sun?”

Sorin – I really like how this name sounds. It’s a nice breakaway from popular names lists but still shines bright among baby names.

Samson – This Hebrew name is right in line with the theme of “sun” meanings.

Summer – What better name to celebrate your baby girl arriving in this sunny season than giving her the actual name?

Sunny – Your little guy will always light up your days with this bright name.

Tesni – Your baby is the warmth of your life, so give her a name that means “the warmth of the sun.”

Which summery baby name is your favorite? 

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