25 Sweet Baby Names Inspired by Fruit!

A newborn babe is one of the sweeter joys in life. So sweet in fact, that we often immerse ourselves in the magic of it all. Inhaling their smell, kissing tiny fingers and toes and holding them close, knowing that we are just as comforted by their presence as they are by ours. So many aspects of babyhood, and the years that come after are sweet, making a name synonymous with such a worthy contender.

Fruit-inspired baby names are not only fun, but just might be the perfect choice for your little one who happens to be naturally sweet — and lucky for you, always in season. Even if you aren’t quite sold on the idea of a fruit-inspired baby name, take a look anyway, as they also make great nicknames.

  1. Anjou – A type of pear.
  2. Apple – One of the more popular fruit name choices.
  3. Apricot – A kin to peaches and plums.
  4. Aubergine – A type of eggplant and in the squash family.
  5. Berry – An ode to the many varieties of this popular fruit.
  6. Bosc – A type of pear.
  7. Cerese – The meaning of cherry in French.
  8. Cherimoya – A tropical fruit.
  9. Clementine – A type of tangerine.
  10. Damson – A type of plum.
  11. Feijoa – A type of fruit that is also referred to as the “pineapple guava.”
  12. Fig – A sweet seedy fruit that is sometimes preserved or dried.
  13. Friar – A type of plum.
  14. Huckleberry – A type of berry.
  15. Hudson (specifically “Dark Hudson”) – A type of cherry.
  16. Mirabelle – A type of plum.
  17. Olive – A small oval shaped fruit.
  18. Persimmon – An orange fruit that is small in size.
  19. Pomelo – A type of citrus.
  20. Pomona – Pomona means apple in Latin.
  21. Pumpkin – Often used as a nickname, pumpkins are a part of the gourd family.
  22. Quince – A yellow colored fruit that is often used for preserves.
  23. Rainer – A type of cherry.
  24. Satsuma – A type of citrus.
  25. Victoria Plum – A first name and middle name in one. Also, a type of plum.

Do you have a favorite name that’s also a fruit?

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