25 Fancy Names for Baby Girls and the Adorable Nicknames That Go With Them

I remember thinking as a kid, that “Lacy” didn’t sound like a very grown-up name. It didn’t sound very fancy. Now that I’m grown and have children of my own, it doesn’t bother me one bit. Names are so important and really play into who we are and who we become. If you’re looking for a fancy baby name for your little baby girl, here are 25 of my favorite. With any name, you’ve got to have a nickname picked out as well, so I’ve included some ideas for those as well. Enjoy!

  1. Adair – This is my first daughter’s name. (My middle name!) We call her Addie for short.
  2. Ingrid – This is my second daughter’s name. Isn’t it beautiful? Like a classy actress or something! She goes by Iggy for short. (Long story!)
  3. Margot – This is the name of our third daughter. Again, it sounds like it came straight from Hollywood. Her sisters like to call her Marge. ;)
  4. Wilhelmina – A friend of mine just had a baby and gave her this name. She goes by Minnie! Isn’t that the cutest?!
  5. Winifred – Definitely an old-fashioned name. Winnie (Jimmy Fallon’s daughter’s name!) would be a cute nickname.
  6. Penelope – This was on our list of names we liked during my last pregnancy. Penny for short, is cute!
  7. Florence – Such a fancy name! Flo or Flora would be great nicknames.
  8. Victoria – Talk about a name that comes straight from a fancy time period! Vicki or Tori are shorter forms of Victoria.
  9. Juliette – Dreaming of a little Shakespeare lover? Julie is a beautiful nickname, too!
  10. Eloise – Here’s another name we considered for our daughters. Very fancy and frilly! Ellie for short.
  11. Madeline – One of the most popular names out there, Maddie for short.
  12. Beatriz – Not a name you hear everyday, but a pretty one at that! Bea is a common nickname for Beatriz.
  13. Selena – A pretty sounding name. Lena is beautiful, as well.
  14. Charlotte – Most girls with the name Charlie are actually named Charlotte. Lottie is another cute version.
  15. Scarlett – I LOVE this name, but my husband wasn’t as fond of it. I know a Scarlett that goes by Carley for short.
  16. Cecily – Frilly, for sure! Ceci is a cute nickname.
  17. Esther – A biblical name, but one that I’m starting to hear more of. Essie is a sweet nickname.
  18. Everly – One of my best friends named her daughter Everly. Isn’t it so sweet? Ever is a cute shortened version.
  19. Lillian – Very girly, if that’s what you’re looking for. Lily is a name we often hear.
  20. Eleanor – A very grown-up name. Ellie or Nor are cute shortenings.
  21. Evelyn – Another fancy name. Evie is a common nickname.
  22. Imogen – I happen to love this one, even though it’s quite unique. Gen/Jen is a good nickname.
  23. Rosetta – One of the Disney fairies’ names! Rose or Rosie are pretty nicknames to go along.
  24. Josephine – I’ve always thought this was a pretty name. Josie is cute as a nickname.
  25. Mildred – Okay, I’m not the biggest fan of Mildred, but Milly? I love.
Which ones are your favorite?
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