25 of the Best Animal-Inspired Baby Names

These days, it seems like anything goes when it comes to baby names. But while this gives parents a lot more freedom to exercise their creativity when it comes to naming their little one, it also makes it more difficult to come up with a name that is truly original. Because of this, parents may want to start looking for inspiration in some unlikely places — and the animal kingdom could be a great place to start!

25 Baby Names Inspired By Animals | via Lauren Hartmann at Disney Baby

1. Anemone – as in the pokey little sea creature. I could see this name being cute for the right little girl.

2. Bear – like the grizzly kind…or polar, sun, black…whatever your favorite variety of bear happens to be. I adore this name for a little boy.

3. Birdie – a cute name used for a bird. I like the ’50s vibe this has and think it would be a fun throwback name for a girl.

4. Buck – a male antlered animal such as a deer. This is a strong name and I love it for a boy — I actually have a friend who named her little boy Buck and it’s perfect!

5. Cat – a feline. This is often used as a nickname for Catherine, but could be fun on its own.

6. Colt – a baby horse. I knew a Colt once and it was a nice boy’s name.

7. Crow – this is a bird you won’t hear very often – definitely unique.

8. Drake – the name of a popular R&B artist, but before that it was simply the name for a male duck.

9. Falcon – a bird and a pretty masculine name if I do say so myself.

10. Fawn – a young deer. I think this one is super cute and is probably my favorite on this list.

11. Finch – a type of bird. This could work for a boy or a girl.

12. Fisk – Danish for fish – I like the strong consonant sound this name has.

13. Fox – an adorable woodland creature – this is fun and definitely unconventional.

14. Hawk – a bird of prey, but also a potentially great baby name.

15. Kitty – nickname for a cat. Has a cute vintage ring to it.

16. Lark – a type of bird; also means “something done for fun.”

17. Lynx – a medium-sized wild cat.

18. Pike – a type of fish or maybe a little boy’s name?

19. Raven – a type of bird with black plumage. Could be a good name for a raven-haired girl.

20. Robin – a sweet little songbird.

21. Sable – an animal from the marten family. This name says refinement and luxury to me.

22. Sparrow – a member of the bird family. A sweet little name.

23. Starling – a pretty bird, some with polka dot plumage. This would be a fun and different bird name to choose for a little one.

24. Wolf – a type of canine. If I were choosing an animal name for my little one, this would make the cut for sure.

25. Wren – a small and inconspicuous bird who sings loud and often complex songs.

Did any of you choose an animal inspired name for your little one? I’d love to hear it!

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