23 Things My 23-Month-Old Loves

Month 23 has sort of felt golden. Although I’ve already come to terms with the idea of having a toddler, this month feels like the last month she’ll be a baby. Each day she wants to snuggle with me or says “I hold you” (her way of asking to be picked up) I feel a sense of relief and gratitude. It feels as if I’ve been given one more day to enjoy this beautiful journey through babyhood. My heart aches knowing my baby girl is growing up taking leaps and bounds towards being a big kid. In reality I know we still have a ways to go and yet it still feels so close.

At 23-months-old here are some of the things that Lola loves:

  1. Eggs – Lola loves her eggs hard boiled minus the yoke (she squishes the yoke and will declare “I make a mess”).
  2. “Lips” – Taking lip-gloss and chaptstick out of my purse to put it on her lips.
  3. Mickey Mouse – Lola continues to love Mickey Mouse. Her love only intensifying as she gets older. If she sees him on a shirt, a notebook or pen she gets excited. Same with Minnie.  We often sing the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and wear our mouse ears around the house.
  4. Morning cuddles with sister – Lola is such a cuddle bug and in addition to cuddling with me in the mornings she’s started making her way to her sister’s room for cuddles (take a look).
  5. Repeating everything – Lola repeats everything these days but it’s clear she understands. For example if I ask her if she’s hot she will respond “I hot.”
  6. Going “bye bye” – If you give her any indication that you’re going to leave, Lola will grab a purse or even her shoes to come along. She will say “let’s go mommy” and say bye bye to daddy if he isn’t joining us.
  7. Cucumbers – Lola still loves blueberries but cucumbers have become a fun alternative.
  8. “Roni” aka macaroni
  9. “Burger” – Lola loves cheeseburgers but usually only eats the middle of the bun and patty.
  10. Music – Her love for music is still going strong! She’s always singing and dancing.
  11. Coloring – As she’s gotten older she’s less likely to eat her crayons and more likely to use them for coloring — usually on paper.
  12. Broccoli – These tiny trees are her favorite.
  13. Dipping – Toddlers seem to have a thing for dipping and Lola is no exception. Many foods are well received when coupled with dip.
  14. Dramatic play – Lola has been loving engaging in dramatic play. Most often she is cooking in the kitchen or taking care of her baby dolls.
  15. Bubbles
  16. Ice cream – Lola loves eating ice cream in its many forms. During summer months it’s been a go to treat. Her latest favorite – a sip of mommy’s shake.
  17. Saying “ewww”
  18. Watching movies as a family – I was amazed when Lola sat and watched a movie with us. She loves movies,especially those with songs. Her current favorites include Toy Story 3, Frozen, Despicable Me and the Lego Movie.
  19. Saying “thank you” and “you’re welcome.”
  20. Waving hi to new friends (from the comfort of mommy or daddy’s arms.
  21. “Ocean water” – Lola loves the beach and is always talking about “ocean water.”
  22. Throwing things in the bathtub that are not intended for the bathtub.
  23. Reading books – If you don’t read the book aloud to Lola then she will (pretend to) read it to herself. Seeing her curled up with a book is the cutest.
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