23 Facts About My 23-Month-Old

Next Friday (July 26), my little baby girl turns 2. Officially a toddler now. There is no denying it. Full of charm and a budding character, everyday is an absolute joy and adventure to be in the company of her majesty.

Quite the little diva, her language and cognitive development is developing at warp speed! She can say more than 20 words, so much so I can barely keep up. Everyday she surprises me with her memory and ability to learn new skills…

  • Every Day is an Adventure!

    Every Day is an Adventure!

    I have quite the budding little diva over here…

  • Sous Chef

    Sous Chef

    My little helper in the kitchen.

  • Beach Baby

    Beach Baby

    Loves the water. Little fish!

  • Little Doggies

    Little Doggies

    She loves ‘em. She’s also very gentle with animals in general.

  • Hardcore Wellie Love

    Hardcore Wellie Love

    No matter how hot it is outside, she’ll try to wear those boots everyday.

  • Budding Picasso

    Budding Picasso

    Girl loves to get her art on.

  • Drinking All the Things

    Drinking All the Things

    Bath water? Beach water? Chalk water? Any and all things – she’ll attempt it. Gross!

  • Meltdowns


    Oh yes, the ‘terrible twos’ are definitely here.

  • Getting Dressed

    Getting Dressed

    All by herself. Sort of.

  • Cookies


    Like, everyday please.

  • Pancakes


    Like, everyday please.

  • Personal Care

    Personal Care

    For the moment, just as much as she loves getting dressed and putting together outfits with me – she also loves to brush her teeth and get her hair done. I’ll take it.

  • Fairy on the Loose

    Fairy on the Loose

    Tutus and wings, they’re her jam.

  • Baby Mama

    Baby Mama

    She walks around everywhere holding at least one of her babies, talking to them and doting on them. Asking them such things as, ‘change-bum? Hungee? Sleep now? No? Sure baby. Sure. Want play? Want snack? Sure baby, sure. Baby coot. Baby coot.’

  • Look-a-Likes


    Clearly, brother and sister. SO CUTE.

  • Mommy's Little Helper

    Mommy's Little Helper

    Part of the reason for her separation anxiety, I think, is because she’s really getting into doing activities and chores with me (like gardening, watering the garden, and weeding) and hates the thought of missing out on any fun. That and she loves spending time with me, just as much as I do her.

  • Separation Anxiety

    Separation Anxiety

    Yea, so that has started to happen. She is very much a mama’s girl and has begun to get increasingly anxious when I leave the house (even to do yard work or take out the garbage), and especially so at daycare drop-off. She never used to melt-down. Now? Heartbreak.

  • Role Play

    Role Play

    She loves her mini kitchen, which I’ve put off to the side of our ‘real’ kitchen. My hope was that she would play in there when I was doing my thing in the big one, which she does!

  • Mud Pie Make Offciante

    Mud Pie Make Offciante

    Not only does she love to muck about in the mud, she will instruct me on how to assist her in making mud pies.

  • Lover of Dress-Up

    Lover of Dress-Up

    Specifically her Minnie Mouse beach wrap. She’s been known to throw a fit when she can’t sleep in it, wet and full of sand. Distracting her by way of the bubble-bath usually works though.

  • Chatterbox


    Her vocabulary is developing at warp speed! I don’t always understand what she’s saying – although I can code her better than anyone else.

  • Daddy's Girl

    Daddy's Girl

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Little Fashionista

    Little Fashionista

    She loves getting dressed and helping me pick out her outfits. To that effect, she also loves posing for the camera!

  • Feist & Wit

    Feist & Wit

    Already, she has it. She’s a little joker and also has no qualms speaking her mind. Her faces always match her mood.

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