13 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas from My Toddler’s Closet

I will preface this post by admitting that my child has a kind of obscene amount of clothing, which definitely made this a little easier — but I wanted to challenge myself to see how many Halloween costumes I could come up with simply from things that were already in my daughter’s closet and around our house.

I was blown away that I was able to come up with so many! I realize that not everyone is going to have all of these things, but some of them are seriously so easy — I’m sure you have at least one of these costumes already on hand. Also, many of these costumes will work for boys OR girls, so everyone can be included in the last-minute DIY Halloween costume fun!

Check out all my costumes and then let me know which was your favorite at the end!

  • Mousketeer


    This costume is for sure my favorite in the bunch. An homage to Annette.

  • Risky Business

    Risky Business

    This probably wouldn’t work if you were actually taking your little one trick-or-treating, but if you’ll be attending a Halloween party or staying home passing out candy, I think this would be so cute! Too bad I don’t have any baby shades!

  • Rosie the Riveter

    Rosie the Riveter

    This is probably my second favorite costume of the bunch and it couldn’t be easier. Denim shirt + denim pants + any tennis shoes + red and white polka dot headband. Instant Rosie costume!

  • Hipster


    Striped shirt + skinny jeans + suspenders + classic sneakers + vintage toy camera. Ironic and cute.

  • Lumberjack


    Similar to the hipster costume, but sub out the stripes for plaid and swap in a beanie. Done!

  • Cat Burglar Baby

    Cat Burglar Baby

    This costume couldn’t be easier! Black tights with a black and white striped bodysuit and a black beanie. If your whole family dressed as cat burglars it would probably be even cuter. Just sayin’.

  • Cat Burglar for Toddlers

    Cat Burglar for Toddlers

    A stripey dress or any striped top will work for this. Then pair it with leggings or tights, a black beanie and black shoes and you’ve got yourself an easy peasy costume. Make a mask by cutting holes in a strip of black fabric and add a bag of cash if you really want to get serious.

  • "The Dude" from The Big Lebowski

    White t-shirt, Southwestern inspired knit sweater, baggy pants, and flip flops and your little one will be channeling The Dude in no time.

  • Safari Explorer

    Safari Explorer

    If your little one happens to have a safari green vest in their wardrobe then you’re halfway to having this awesome Halloween costume. Bonus points if your child is willing to carry around a safari stuffed animal and a butterfly net.

  • Minnie Mouse

    Minnie Mouse

    Anything red and polka dotted can be passed off as a suitable Minnie Mouse costume when you add ears. For added effect, I would add white gloves and black tights.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse

    Red pants, black top, mouse ears, sneakers. DONE. Such a great and simple costume.

  • Fern Arable from Charlotte's Web

    Fern Arable from Charlotte's Web

    Overalls paired with a button-up shirt, sneakers and a pony tail make for a great Fern outfit. Have your little one snuggle a stuffed pig and then everyone will get it for sure.

  • Dorothy  Gale from The Wizard of Oz

    Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz

    I realize that not everyone is going to have a blue and white gingham skirt and shiny red shoes in their closet, but Fern does, so why not?

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