23 Absolutely Lovely French Baby Girl Names


Have you ever experienced springtime in Paris? Years ago, I had the great pleasure of being in Paris during the springtime, and I can definitely tell you that it lives up to the hype. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Now that I have children, I am eager to take them to Paris one day and let them experience the culture and beauty of it for themselves. A city filled with beautiful museums, cathedrals, rivers, parks, and so much more, it’s only fitting that it also inspires some of the most beautiful names for girls.

Here are 23 French names for girls that I think you will love, and they will definitely have you planning a trip to Paris (assuming you’ve never been).

1. Adele

2. Claudette

3. Antoinette

4. Brigitte

5. Cecile

6. Elise

7. Margaux

8. Solange

9. Simone

10. Sylvie

11. Noelle

12. Pascale

13. Monique

14. Nicolette

15. Soleil

16. Renee

17. Lisette

18. Elise

19. Geneva

20. Raine

21. Vivienne

22. Desiree

23. Christiane

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