23 Cute Cuddly Bodysuits for Baby

While I am a fan of rompers, dresses and simple tees for baby there’s something sweet about outfitting your little one in a bodysuit. They’re a piece of clothing that is synonymous with babyhood and quite versatile, able to be worn solo or paired with everything from bloomers to pants. Given how hot it has been outside I almost always have a bodysuit tucked away in my diaper bag. It’s perfect in the event my baby’s outfit gets dirty or I need to change her into something cooler.

The Disney store is filled with darling “Cuddly Bodysuits” for your little one. These functional pieces will take baby through the summer and they are so cute you may even want baby to wear them on their own. All Cuddly Bodysuits also feature “Grow-An-Inch-Snaps” which mean they will grow with your bundle of joy! Take a look at these 23 Cuddly Bodysuits, for your little one:

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