22 Things I Love About Ingrid at 22 Months

I can’t believe my baby is 22 months old. It seems like just yesterday I was changing her tiny newborn diapers and singing her to sleep while she laid on my chest. In just a couple of months, she will be 2, and that astonishes me. While there are certainly things to love about every age, here are 22 things I’ve loving about 22 months…

  1. I love that she still sucks her thumb. I know it might be a hard habit to break down the road, but for now it keeps her little.
  2. I love how happy she is first thing every single morning.
  3. I love how she says ‘Breakfast’ (Bep-buss)!
  4. I love how much she imitates her big sister, Adair.
  5. I love how almost every time I can’t find her, she is off reading a book by herself.
  6. I love that she twirls her hair through her fingers when she’s tired.
  7. I love that she loves to sing.
  8. I love that she still needs me sometimes, no matter how big she tries to be.
  9. I love how she says “I need some milk.”
  10. I love how much she loves everything about the Christmas season (and is STILL talking about it)!
  11. I love that she is beginning to love art time – coloring, painting, etc.
  12. I love how nurturing she is – to her sister, to me, to her baby dolls, etc.
  13. I love that she is starting to melt into her daddy.
  14. I love her sweet little sayings.
  15. I love that she adores bath time.
  16. I love that she loves tiny animals – kitties, bunnies, lambs, you name it!
  17. I love that she asks for a vitamin and to brush her teeth before bed each night.
  18. I love when she gets super tired, yet super slap-happy.
  19. I love that she is starting to let me do her hair, even though she has just a tiny bit of it!
  20. I love that she loves her bunny and needs it every minute of the day.
  21. I love how she runs to the door and squeals when daddy gets home from work each day.
  22. I love her to pieces, every single thing!
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