22 Sweet Baby Names Inspired by Spring

Soon, we will all be celebrating the fact that “spring has sprung.” Spring is one of the sweetest of the four seasons. It’s a time to celebrate new life. After the winter months have ended a season filled with blooming flowers, sunny skies and cute baby animals await. As a tribute to the season, I wanted to share 22 sweet baby names inspired by spring!

  1. Rose – Flower names seem fitting for a spring baby. Rose is a popular floral name choice.
  2. Flor – Flor means flower in Spanish.
  3. Violet – Violet isn’t just a flower; it’s also a bluish purple color. It means “happy girl” in Hindi.
  4. Lily – A sweet sounding floral name.
  5. Blossom – In spring, blossoms abound.
  6. Sonny – A tribute to the sunny days that are finally here.
  7. Avril – Avril means April in French.
  8. Atherton – An English name meaning “from the town by a spring.”
  9. April – This calendar month makes its debut not long after the start of spring.
  10. Magnolia – Magnolias are flowering trees or shrubs.
  11. Jasmine – Not only is Jasmine a beloved Disney princess, but it’s also a fragrant flower.
  12. Laverne – The name Laverne is English for “of spring.”
  13. Verna – Verna is Latin for spring.
  14. Aviv – A name of Hebrew origin, Aviv means spring.
  15. Vernon – Vernon means spring.
  16. Odeletta – Odeletta means “little spring.”
  17. Lilac – Pastel colors are prevalent in the spring. Lilacs are also popular spring flowers.
  18. Azalea – A bright pink flowering shrub.
  19. Haru – Haru is Japanese for sunlight or spring.
  20. Byrd – An alternative spelling to bird, Byrd is a tribute to nature’s master music makers.
  21. Wren – A type of bird, Wren is considered a gender neutral baby name.
  22. Fennel – Fennel is a vegetable that tends to be prevalent in the winter and spring.

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