22 Moments from Elvie’s 22nd Month

I was surprised last week to look at the calendar and realize that Elvie had just passed the 22-month mark. She is getting so close to two years old, and I can hardly believe it. Of course, she is displaying all the spunk and opinions of a nearly-two-year-old, so I suppose it’s not too far fetched. This month, we found out that Elvie would be in the brace for longer than we thought, and so while that was a huge disappointment, it also spurred us on to make some changes in the way we do things so that Elvie remains as comfortable as possible. For her part, Elvie has been working hard to get around and get into things, brace or no brace. Despite her limitations this month, Elvie has again exceeded our expectations and had a month full of activity and joy. Here are twenty-two of my favorite photos from our favorite moments with Elvie this month. Enjoy.

  • Elvie is 22 months old!

    Elvie is 22 months old!

    Here are 22 of my favorite photos of moments from her 22nd month.

  • Caring for her baby

    Caring for her baby

    Elvie has begun taking an interest in taking care of her baby dolls. What you can’t see here is that she is also wearing an oven mitt; I’m not sure how that relates to baby care, but she seemed to think it was necessary.

  • Elvie had some chocolate.

    Elvie had some chocolate.

    So did her forehead.

  • Still goofy!

    Still goofy!

    Is pizza for eating or for playing? Elvie says, “Both!”

  • Our little mess-maker

    Our little mess-maker

    Elvie still loves to get out as many objects as possible from as many areas of the house as possible. She makes quite a mess, but we’re thrilled that she’s able to get around so well in her lighter brace system. When she has breaks from her big brace, we can expect a mess shortly.

  • Breakfast is sometimes dramatic.

    Breakfast is sometimes dramatic.

    For awhile, Elvie was eating on the floor because she wasn’t flexible enough yet to sit at the table. She always made a big production of it.

  • Raise the roof!

    Raise the roof!

    Even on her back, in her brace, Elvie turns every song into a dance party.

  • Her stroller is her chariot.

    Her stroller is her chariot.

    While she is anxious to get out of her stroller after she’s been in it for a long time, Elvie loves getting out and about, so at first she is quite happy to be settled into her stroller for a jaunt about town.

  • We still enjoy morning hangouts in the big bed.

    We still enjoy morning hangouts in the big bed.

    Often Elvie wakes before her big sister, so we hang out in the master bedroom. She loves having all my attention to herself.

  • HONK!


    Elvie has discovered the joy of honking her nose.

  • Elvie prefers sprinkles.

    Elvie prefers sprinkles.

    Cookie? No, thanks. Frosting? She doesn’t think so. Sprinkles? Yes, please!

  • Always looking for adventure

    Always looking for adventure

    Elvie wakes in the morning, ready to go, and you can see the sense of expectation on her face.

  • What are you doing?

    What are you doing?

    Is it messy? Elvie would like to join in.

  • More chocolate? Of course.

    More chocolate? Of course.

    It’s Elvie’s favorite. While most of what we give her is what we call “growing food,” a little treat every now makes her smile.

  • She has a stick!

    She has a stick!

    On Thanksgiving, we took a family walk to find sticks for toasting marshmallows over the backyard fire pit. Elvie is too little to toast her own marshmallows, but she wants to be included. We gave her a stick of her very own, and she was happy.

  • Peek-a-boo!


    Elvie figured out how to unsnap the back of the stroller canopy, and now she can change her view in an instant.

  • Having a chat on her spoon phone

    Having a chat on her spoon phone

    If she can’t have a real phone, she’ll find other items that can stand in.

  • Wild in the morning

    Wild in the morning

    Sometimes Elvie wakes up in a very enthusiastic mood. I try to keep her contained, but sometimes it’s just no use. She won’t take “Shhhhh…” for an answer.

  • Up to mischief

    Up to mischief

    As Elvie has become stronger, she’s gotten much faster at getting around our house during her brace breaks. Some days she gathers a variety of items, and other days she heads straight for the shoes and the toilet bolt covers. It’s time to start closing doors and putting up gates again!

  • Pretend play is a new development.

    Pretend play is a new development.

    She used to just watch and laugh when her big sister would pretend to be an animal, but now she’ll follow behind her and make animal sounds. On this day, they were being sweet little kitty cats. I heard a lot of meowing in the house.

  • Still trying to whistle

    Still trying to whistle

    She’s getting closer to success!

  • Holding herself upright

    Holding herself upright

    We are so proud of how determined Elvie is. Though she’s wearing her big brace in this photo, she is standing up without any help. She can stand now for quite a long time before she needs to lie back down or be held.

  • Loving the library

    Loving the library

    Elvie loves stories, and she is thoroughly enjoying our weekly library trips. She can never wait to look at her books – we always have to get them out on the ride home.

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