21 Awesome Baby Names from Disney’s Latest Movies

When it comes to baby name inspiration, Disney is definitely a well-used resource — and it’s no wonder, with so many beloved movies and characters that people have emotional ties to. There are certainly the more obvious classic Disney baby names like “Aurora” from Sleeping Beauty or “Peter” from Peter Pan, but if you take a peek at the more recent Disney films, they are a treasure trove of untapped baby name inspiration!

Here are a few favorites from some recent Disney movies — featuring a few major character names, but also some from minor characters as inspiration for great off-the-beaten-path baby name options.

1. Riley – As one of the major characters from the movie Inside Out, Riley Andersen — whose emotions are the focus of the movie — has a great gender neutral name that is a good option for a boy or a girl.

2. Joy – The emotion named Joy from Inside Out would make for a classic, sweet baby name. It hasn’t quite come back around just yet, but perhaps it could be the start of a trend and a self-fulfilling prophecy to bring you a happy-go-lucky baby too!

3. Meg – While Meg was a minor character in the movie Inside Out (she is Riley’s best friend from Minnesota), I think her name is adorable! While the name Megan has come and gone in popularity, Meg feels really fun and fresh.

5. Brave – I love the idea of using the title of Disney’s movie Brave as a standalone name. It’s a strong name for a boy or a girl and would make a great middle name.

6. Elinor – Queen Elinor from Disney’s Brave, is a sweet name that has come back into style in recent years. I really like this unique spelling of it as well!

7. Elsa – The ice queen from Frozen has brought the name Elsa back in fashion and it’s quite lovely. It would make a solid first or middle name for a little girl.

8. Oaken – Giving your little one the moniker of Oaken — owner of “Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna” from Disney’s Frozen — would make for a nice subtle nod to Disney and it’s definitely a cool, off-the-beaten path name option. The odds of your child having another Oaken in their preschool class would likely be slim to none.

9. Felix – Fix-It Felix Jr. – all around nice guy from the movie Wreck-It Ralph has a great name that is definitely beginning to make a comeback and would be great for a little boy!


10. Calhoun – I love last names as first names and I think borrowing the last name of Sergeant Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph would make a great first name. I prefer it for a boy, although I think it could definitely be a gender neutral option.

11. Gene – My husband and I briefly toyed with the idea of naming our son Gene (perhaps as a middle name) after his grandmother Jeanne. I loved it — especially as a nickname for the longer Eugene, but in the end we decided on something else. The name Gene is one that happens to be shared with the mayor of Niceland in Wreck-It Ralph. A nice little homage to Disney.

12. Hiro – The name of the protagonist, Hiro Hamada, from Disney’s Big Hero 6 would make a wonderful name. What could be better than having your little one share a name with a hero who helps people?

13. Sullivan – One of my absolute favorite little boy names is Sullivan, shared with legendary scarer James P. Sullivan from Monsters University. James P. Sullivan is also known as Sulley — an adorable nickname option!

14. Randall – Randall Boggs — an awkward monster coming into his own in the movie Monsters University — has a name that is uncommon, but could be a good candidate for a comeback.

15. Duke – Duke Weaselton is a minor character from the movie Zootopia, but the name is a strong one that would make a great one-syllable alternative to the more popular Jack.

16. Wilde – The last name of Nick Wilde — major character and charming con artist from Disney’s Zootopia — would make a great first or middle name for a little one. Another equally great iteration of the name Wilde could be Wilder. Both good options.

17. Judy – Old-fashioned girl’s names have come back into play over recent years and Judy is a fun option that is still rarely used, but completely adorable! It’s a name that would be shared with Judy Hopps of Zootopia as well.

18. Bonnie – The nervous mother of Judy Hopps in Zootopia has another sweet throwback name that is rarely used these days. Definitely a standout in a sea of more popular names.

19. Arlo – A young Apatosaurus and progragonist in The Good Dinosaur — this name is adorable for a little boy!

20. Ramsey – Tyrannosaurus sister in The Good Dinosaur. I love the unexpected use of the name Ramsey as a girl’s name. It would be equally cute for a boy, but Ramsey for a baby girl is just so cool!

21. Nash – Little brother to Ramsey in The Good Dinosaur – both he and his sister hit the cool name jackpot. I love the name Nash for a little boy.

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